Pro Cycling Manager and Tour de France 2021 to be released on June 3

The Tour de France 2021 will not make its big debut in Brittany until 26 June, but gamers will already have plenty of time to understand the mysteries of the route. The new annual Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager Opus will be released three weeks earlier, on June 3, in all of its media. A bicycle management game, it will once again allow the player to play as a game director or runner, who can reach the podium on the Champs-सीlysées.

In their announcement tweet, the editors also revealed some of the contents of this new edition. In addition to updates on cyclists and teams’ data, NACON has formally launched a “Pelton’s behavior improvement”, a “More weather”, And a “New system of objectives”. In particular for PCM, the arrival of national teams and European championships has been announced.

Yet published by NACON and developed by Cyanide, the game is not, once again, the same name depending on the stage: the Tour de France refers to the Xbox and PlayStation versions, while the Pro Cycling Manager points to someone on the PC, With some variation. Material in between. If you manage a team at PCM, the purpose of TDF is to put yourself in the shoes of a runner.

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