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Article dated August 6, 2021

»Vicky CristinaBarcelona«, a trio of veteran New York musicians, singers and songwriters, each with a special sensibility. It lovingly redefines the Tom Waits songbook and brings a distinctly feminine approach to the rough and rough ruins. Mythical, mischievous male fanatics?? Beat poets, train enthusiasts, sloppy alcoholics, die-hard cynics and hopeless romantics, lead roles in the tales of Waits?? are transformed, their beauty and vulnerability are revealed. The melodies explode and shine like cut diamonds, no longer in their raw state. Three-parts harmonize and create their distinctive sound.

New York native Rachel Garnese is a genre storyteller who creates music with any instrument she can find. He made a name for himself as a street musician in the 1980s on street corners and subway platforms, and in the club/performance scene in the inner cities of the world. Their dramatic approach highlights the emotional complexity of Waits’ repertoire and gives the group a chaotic unpredictability.

Originally from the UK, glamorous nomad Amanda Homi is deeply inspired by global rhythms and shapes. He is at home in every kind of world, from Greek nightclubs to concert stages and recording studios in New York City. Amanda has accumulated a wealth of percussion instruments which gives a spice to the project and hence makes it impeccable.

Brooklyn-born guitarist Terry Radigan entered the professional songwriting scene in Nashville at an early age, where he received awards and a Grammy nomination. She later returns to her rough, faltering roots and brings a smoky complexion that anchors the sound of the American landscape in the songs.

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Formed for fun at a Brooklyn bar a few years ago, the group consolidated as a self-contained band in 2017, responding to encouragement from a loyal, growing audience that cried for more. They have built a reputation for being one of NYC’s most popular bands.

The band’s name is a mischievous and devious wink, a gradual replacement of Woody Allen’s classic film title.

In the said film, the lives of three women are thrown into a tangle of romantic complications centered around a charismatic male cast. At the end of the story, confusion prevails and everyone goes their separate ways. The three women in the band turn the tables and script? And lastly the most important thing is that each band member has his or her own identity and that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Tom Waits provides the parallels, the basis of the songs. His lyrics are the essence of the project, but the interpretations are distinctive and outspoken. The unity of three-part harmony, the interlocking of inventive musical arrangements is characterized by undeniable confidence and strength.

Laura Creese

Laura Creese is a singer/songwriter from Bielefeld. In her songs she combines fingerstyle guitar influences with pop music. Whether as a duet or solo: sometimes dreamy vocals transport you to distant worlds and sometimes groovy guitar riffs and percussion break out.

The concert series “Sounds of the City” is funded by the Federal Government’s Commissioner for Culture and Media through the initiative Music GGMBH as part of the “Newstart Culture”.

Thursday, September 16, 2021, 7 pm, advance sale 14 euros, box office 16 euros

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