Princess Margaret: Elizabeth II’s sister was in agony on her last Christmas

Because of the Omicron version, will Elizabeth II celebrate Christmas alone on December 24 and 25, 2021? The question stirs the United Kingdom and revives the memory of other very sad end-of-year celebrations for the sovereign. In late 2001, his sister Margaret was irreversibly declining…

The Windsors are already organizing to prevent him from finding him alone. with honesty, Elizabeth’s Fate II, widowed by April, forced to skip his ritual Christmas lunch, still planned in Windsor, and possibly prevented from celebrating the birth with his family at Sandringham, She runs her entire kingdom and the whole world. At the end of a nightmare year 2021, it will be for the sovereign, sufficiently frail, at the age of about 96, the final martyrdom. Son Last Christmas with Prince Philip, died after 3 months and 15 days, comes back to him. He with his sister Margaret, gave up on wanting to live, as well.

Sandrigham, mid-December 2001. Rani and her younger sister have just come to the palace. at 71, Margaret, at once so loud and indomitable, very tired. Under the watchful eye of Elizabeth II, she attempted to attend the 100th birthday celebrations of her aunt, Princess Alice, Duchess of Gloucester, in Kensington a few days earlier. Pictures taken by photographers are painful to watch: Princess Hai Pushed into a wheelchair, a pair of goggles has been covering her face since April. She is a very young woman. Time has caught up with him. Big smoker, Queen’s sister pays Consequences of multiple strokes. Elizabeth II, though not in agreement with him in the past, takes great care at Sandringham.

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© BestImageElizabeth II and her sister Margaret, in wheelchairs, around their aunt Princess Alice on her 100th birthday, December 12, 2001. This is the last public appearance of the Queen’s sister.

Less than several strokes, Margaret no longer leaves her room where Elizabeth II goes upstairs every day.

Like last year, Margaret does not leave her room. Rani goes upstairs to have tea with him every day. cradle by bbc radio soap opera, Archer, the youngest girl finds the strength to annoy her oldest, her favorite rival, by asking him to shut up as soon as the conversation starts. The Queen’s waiting soon became restless: in her absence, Margaret pulls her blanket to her chin, she refuses to eat. One evening, she agrees to peck Jaime Pie in front of a TV show. Be warned, Elizabeth II rolled her eyes and pretended to be mocking the dress requested by her sister.

After 25 December 2001, Margaret returned to Kensington Palace. The queen’s companions sit beside her, turn on the radio, or read something to her. But the princess is declining a little more, she is already somewhere else. On February 8, 2002, he suffered another stroke. He was taken to King Edward VIII Hospital, where She died the next day. Elizabeth II is devastated. It is Charles who pays tribute to his aunt on television. Queen, she accepts that all the people who love her sister have gathered at her funeral in Windsor. Two months later, Elizabeth II would bury her mother, the Queen Mother.

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