Princess Latifah phoned the British police to investigate the kidnapping of her sister 21 years ago

Princess Latifah, who claimed she was being held hostage, wrote in a letter to CNN: “In the summer of 2000, Shamsa ran away on a family home vacation in England. She was 18 years old … and her mind is intact. “” Her friend David Hay is an advocate for her release and is part of Detected International, a law enforcement NGO.

“She is enslaved, tortured and physically assaulted by her family members … She wanted to take refuge in Britain because a family lives there permanently. She was abducted a few months later … She was dragged There Latifah wrote in the February / February 2018 document: “She calmed down and went back to Dubai.”

The princess said that her sister was tortured and “did not leave contact with the outside world, which had no date, trial or indictment”.

He wrote, “I was beaten and tortured by his legs, which I myself tried in prison.”

And the princess said: “Her ultimate goal is to be a free man, live in dignity and freedom of choice and freedom of movement … She wants a fundamental right that all people can enjoy.”

The princess said her sister had a “strong connection to England” and that she was “illegally abducted in the territory of Britain”.

She continued, “I am asking you to just look at my reason, please, because she can get her freedom, which is the only thing she wants in life.”

In a statement sent to CNN, Cambridgeshire Police confirmed that they had “received a February 2018 letter related to the case which is believed to be part of their ongoing review”.

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The troop also said that they are investigating a recent BBC documentary Panorama, in which Latifa claims to be held hostage in Dubai.

The British Foreign Office declined to comment on Thursday.

In a recent statement by his family, the UAE embassy in London said coverage of Latifa’s situation “does not reflect the actual situation”.

The letter was received by Latifa and a cousin of The Hague and given to the police.

The group also provided “a transcript of a series of video statements by Sheikha Latifah,” said Haigh. Shared it using his Arabic address with police and CNN.

“Contact [with Latifa] This continued for 2019 and 2020. Connection was lost in the second half of 2020. ”

The group also claims to have evidence of a single British involvement in the abduction of Princess Shamsa.

“We have not been able to disclose such evidence in the past as we believed it posed an unacceptable risk to the life and safety of Sheikha Latifah. However, after disconnection, we are very concerned for her life and safety. We have chosen to disclose the evidence obtained “about him”.

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