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Royal writer Robert Lace claimed that the Duke of Cambridge had waited months before telling the nation why he had fought the disease. Speaking to Fox News, Mr Lacey said: “There is a controversy here in Britain over the fact that we have now discovered that he had a Kavid-19 at the beginning of the first spike and that he kept it a secret.

“The prime minister had a coronavirus at the time, his father had a coronavirus.”

He added: “[William] The world has decided he doesn’t need to be the world’s third most high-profile coronavirus.

“He followed all the rules. He is a very different person.

“He zoomed in when he was sick, and then came back to work.”

The Duke reported that he was diagnosed with the coronavirus just days after his father, Prince Charles CVD-19, was diagnosed in late March.

Whether other members of the Royal family tested positive for the virus is currently unknown.

However, Prince William was separated from his family home in Anmar Hall, where the palace physicians kept a close eye.

Although Duke was able to continue working after testing positive for the virus, a source told Sun: “William was hit hard by the virus – it really knocked him out for six.

“But as a result of his own experience, he has realized that absolutely anyone can catch this deadly disease – and knows how important it is that we all take this second lockdown seriously.”

However, Duke faced criticism for failing to communicate the diagnosis immediately after receiving the results.

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According to Mr. Lacey, some have considered this as a reason to believe that it is inappropriate for an heir to “hide things from us”.

The royal writer states: “People have said that it is not right for the heir to the throne to keep such things secret. It should be open. He is hiding things from us. “

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