Prince William: These are his best friends

Prince William
These are his best friends

Prince William (L.) and James Meade (R.)

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Who are Prince William’s friends outside the British royal family? GALA will show you

In his spare time, Prince William surrounds himself with people, some of whom he has known since childhood. No wonder, as the future king of the United Kingdom, friendship must be carefully chosen. “You have always been very careful about friendship and have kept trust very important,” said Richard Kay, Royal Correspondent of the Daily Mail, about William and Kate. You can see below who William’s longtime companions were.

William and Hugh van Kutsam

William and Hugh van Couetteum are the sons of landowner and businessman Hugh van Kutssem Sr., who died in 2013 and was a college friend of Prince Charles of his time at Cambridge University (1967 to 1970). William van Kutssem is considered to be Prince William’s best friend and is the godfather of Prince George. The two Williams go through ups and downs simultaneously. Hugh van Coote is the elder brother of William and is also close friends with the prince. Their daughter Grace was a flower girl on 29 April 2011 at the wedding of William and Duchess Catherine and gained international fame for covering her ears during a wedding kiss in the balcony of Buckingham Palace. Prince William is the godfather of the girl.

Hugh van Kutssem, Prinz William, William Van Kutssem

Prince William (L.) congratulates William van Couetem (R.) in September 2013 after his father’s death. To the left of the prince is Hugh van Cutsem.

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Hugh van katsom

Hugh van katsom

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James meade

James Mead studied at Eton College with Prince William. James lives near Yad Hall in the homeland of Norfolk Cambridge with his wife Lady Laura Meade. On the day of William and Kate’s wedding, James played an important role, the so-called “usher”. Functions: To greet guests, distribute programs, and accompany people to their seats. Preparation of the ceremony is also a part of DOS. Along with Thomas van Strabenzi, another friend of William van, James also spoke about the bride and groom. James Princess is also the godfather of Charlotte – a sign of how closely connected he is to William.

Prinz William, James Meade

Prince William (L.) and James Meade (R.)

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Thomas von Strabenji

Thomas is one of Williams’ closest and longest-lasting friends. He already went to preschool with her. At the royal wedding in 2011, von Strabenji – along with James Meade – was also used as “Usher”. Thomas Princess is the godfather of Charlotte.

Prince William, Thomas van Strabenji

Prince William (left) and Thomas van Strabenji in New Zealand in 2005

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Oliver baker

Oliver Baker is a friend of William and Kate and met them at St. Andrews University. He was one of two friends who shared a home with the Duke and Duchess at the university for the past two years. The friendship continues to this day.

Duchess Catherine, Oliver Baker

Oliver Baker is a close friend of Prince William and Duchess Catherine.

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Guy Pelli

Guy Pelley has known Prince William since childhood: his mother, Lady Caroline Herbert, was a close friend of the late Princess Diana. At first glance, the prince’s confidant is not a man for royal circles, as he has a wild past: he was the owner of the fashionable London nightclub Mayfair, where William and Harry also regularly celebrate. British landowner children also managed Whiskey Mist and Tonteria clubs. The cow has a bad reputation in the British media; “Bad Boy” is said to have brought Prince Harry to one or another difficulty. Guy Pelley also drew attention several times for crimes occurring in traffic. This did not affect his friendship with William: in July 2018 Guy Pelli became Prince Louis’ godfather.

Guy Pelli arrives with his wife Lizzie in naming Prince Louis.

Guy Pelli arrives with his wife Lizzie in naming Prince Louis.

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Harry Aubrey-Fletcher

According to “The Sun”, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher is also a longtime friend of William and is said to have met him in preschool. The two later went to Eton College together. There is another royal affair, however: Harry’s father is Queen Elizabeth’s personal representative in Buckinghamshire. In 2011, William played the role of “Usher” at the wedding of Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and his girlfriend Louise. William returned family honors by making Harry the godfather of Prince Louis in 2018.

Hannah and Robert Carter

Prince Aubrey-Fletcher (back) is named after Prince Louis in July 2018. In front of them are Hannah and Robert Carter, Duchess Catherine’s friend and Lucy Middleton (left), Kate’s cousin.

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