Prince Harry warned Netflix to ‘crown digging’ with the Royals as a ‘Crown Row’. Royal | News

Netflix’s clash with the Royal Family over The Crown series will not “go away anytime soon”, according to a Royal commentator. Russell Myers joined ITV’s Lauren Kelly to discuss the latest developments, one after another, including the American streaming giant “breaking their silence.” This prince has talked about whether it could cause problems for Prince Harry and Meghan Merkel.

Mrs Kelly said: “So Harry and Meghan have a deal with Netflix, and Netflix is ​​definitely dealing with the Royal Family.

“It’s all over the Crown’s precision. I’m sure Harry will blow it up as soon as possible.”

Mr Myers replied: “The debate is raging, and I don’t think it’s going to go away any time soon.

“Netflix is ​​really digging their heels and breaking their silence.”

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The online streaming platform issued a statement to Mail on Sunday.

It read: “We have always presented the Crown as a drama – and we have a direct belief that our members have realized that it is essentially a fictional work based on historical events.

“As a result we have no plans to deny a claim, and there is no need.”

Mrs Kelly explained why the Crown was causing such controversy, even from a veteran British figure.

Mr Myers agreed: “It’s fine, isn’t it? That’s the problem.

“A lot of people are supporting the Crown, thinking that everything there is exactly as it was.”

Even Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden has been embroiled in controversy.

He told the Mail on Sunday: “It’s a fantastic, well-crafted work, so like other TV productions, Netflix should be very clear at the beginning. That’s exactly what it is,” he told The Mail on Sunday.

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“Without it, I fear the generation of viewers who haven’t cut through these events could really make a fictional mistake.”

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