Prince Harry ‘told the Queen after his return to the UK’

Prince Harry 'told the Queen after his return to the UK'

According to reports, Prince Harry may face some possible talk from the Queen when he returns to the UK.

Royal assistants are reportedly preparing to visit the Duke of Sussex and staff have been told to have the Frogmore cottage ready.

The Queen, who has returned to work this week, can talk face-to-face with her grandson at the fort.

An insider said that although Harry would have to isolate himself for two weeks after returning from the United States, “the estate is socially far enough to negotiate.”

The Queen can meet Prince Harry for face-to-face discussions

A source told The Sun: “Windsor staff have been told to be prepared for the possibility of Harry’s return.

“They were told it could happen in a few weeks but Meghan’s name was not mentioned.

“There are a variety of things to talk about here – not just his political rhetoric, but his visa situation in the United States.”

Royal assistants were asked to get to Frogmore’s cottage for Harry’s visit

This comes when Meghan Merkel and Prince Harry were identified in an energy report as an energy company at least as environmentally friendly.

Save on Energy has come up with a point-based scoring system, ranking most members of the Royal Family from the least eco-friendly.

It said it made the rating based on travel footprints, how many environmental donors it supports, their presence at environmental events, how sustainable their wardrobes are, how many social media posts cite environmental issues and whether they use electric cars.

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For how environmentally friendly they are, the company has named the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as joint endings.

“Even after Meghan’s adherence to points and sustainable fashion brands for keeping electric cars, Harry and Meghan were significantly less busy than environmental charities and others between March 2019 and 2020, which hampered their scores,” it says.

Prince Charles was given the most eco-friendly title, followed by Camilla and then Prince Philip.

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