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Mr. Clooney (59) and Amal Clooney (42) were two guests who saw Harry and Meghan tied up at St. George’s Cathedral in 2006. However, Rachel Johnson, the sister of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, claimed that the couple had told Princess Diana’s friend Caroline Bartholomew that they did not know Sussex.

Ms Johnson wrote on the website Airmail about Clooney’s surprising confession, as well as claiming how the Sussex wedding stars could not have been close friends.

He said: “In 2018, there was a spacious royal wedding in which the married couple could not possibly be old and dear friends

“Oprah, Posh and Becks, James Corden, and others, went to Harry and Meghan’s wedding and there’s a story about Diana’s ex-flatmate Caroline Bartholomew. Waiting for the wedding service to begin, he turned to the couple next to him and asked how they knew Harry or Meghan.

“We don’t do that,” Clooney replied brightly. “

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Prince Harry News: Duke of Sussex and Meghan Merkel at their royal wedding in 2018

Prince Harry News: George Clooney admits to Caroline Bartholomew that he does not know Sussex (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry News: George and Amal Clooney at the 2018 Sussex Royal Wedding

Prince Harry News: Rachel Johnson claims Clooney didn’t know Harry and Meghan before their wedding (Image: GETTY)

Mr. and Mrs. Clooney were given seats opposite Lady Caroline Warren, wife of John Warren, Queen’s Bloodstock Adviser, and Viscount Lynne, son of Princess Margaret.

Accounts from attendees claimed that the Hollywood star was well received at the wedding and danced with Meghan and Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge.

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Report from OK! The magazine claims that after the Duke and Duchess stepped down from royal duties earlier this year, Harry returned to Mr Clooney for advice on living in Los Angeles.

A source close to the Duke claimed in Harry Magazine that they see his big personality as “big brother’s personality” and added: “Harry is grateful to have him in his corner.”

Prince Harry News: Duke of Sussex and Meghan Merkel at their royal wedding in 2018

Prince Harry News: Sussex Clooney is reported to have spent time at home in the UK (Image: GETTY)

Prince Harry News: George and Amal Clooney at the 2018 Sussex Royal Wedding

Prince Harry News: George reportedly invited the couple to Lake Como after their wedding (Image: GETTY)

Omid Scooby and Caroline Durand wrote in their autobiography about Sussex, ‘Finding Freedom’, that the princesses became close friends with Clooney.

According to the book, Meghan and Harry were twice invited to Clooney’s British home in Sonning, Oxfordshire.

The book claims that the Sussexis spent time on the lake of the property, where Clooney had “a secluded furnished area and inside it was a lounge decorated with wooden panels of traditional thematic clubs, heavy drapes, dark velvets, plush chairs and a bar.”

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Finding Freedom added that the Hollywood couple invited Harry and Meghan to Lake Como just weeks after their royal wedding.

A source close to Sussex told the authors: “Meghan and Amal spent a lot of time relaxing near the pool and playing with the twins, while George and Harry checked out George. Motorbike collection.

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“Harry took one of his with his security officer. George had an accident recently, so he hasn’t gotten back on the bike yet. ”

“The Duke and Duchess were not the only guests that weekend. By the time Harry and Meghan arrived, Ezeni and his fianc Jack Brooks Bank had already arrived at the villa, briefly overlapping their visit. “

Prince Harry News: Wiki Timeline for Harry and Meghan to leave the royal family

Prince Harry News: Sussex moved away from the Royal Family earlier this year (Image: Express)

Prince Harry News: Week's Meghan and Harry's Wedding Fact Sheet

Prince Harry News: Sussex married on May 19, 2018 (Image: Express)

Mr Clooney also spoke in support of Meghan, saying that drawing attention to the Duchess was tantamount to treating Diana.

He added: “They are just chasing Meghan Merkel everywhere; It has been chased and incomplete

“She is a woman who, like D and Diana, was seven months pregnant and was followed and incomplete and chased and it is repeating history.

“We saw how it ended.”

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