Prince Harry News: Duke could be ‘pressured’ to return to UK with Meghan Merkel | Royal | News

Prince Harry News: Duke could be 'pressured' to return to UK with Meghan Merkel |  Royal |  News

The duke stepped down from senior royal duties earlier this year on his way to the United States with Meghan Merkel. The move has made Sussex more vocal on some issues like politics and has given them more freedom behind their own income.

But royal analyst Penny Jr. says Harry could pressure Prince Prince to reconsider his role in the UK.

Last weekend, General Sir Dannat said in an interview with the Sunday People: “He chooses his own choices but we miss him and I hope that as the situation changes I can’t imagine, he should return to a more traditional royal adoption duty.”

The Army General added that since the Duke is now thousands of miles away, “he is not so much available” to support “he needs the elderly”.

On the other hand, General Sir Dannett said that moving to the United States “is their life’s choice and I do not criticize them for it”.

Mrs Juner, writing in the Mirror, claimed this week that the army “made Harry” and thought he had “got something good” while he was there.

The royal writer added: “He also proved to be a very talented leader, able to inspire a group of people to earn their respect and affection.”

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Prince Harry founded the Invictus Games, a sporting competition specifically for injured, injured and sick employees and women.

The Invictus Games Foundation says Duke is still involved in the games, despite his distance.

The foundation said on its website: “He is fully committed to the Invictus Games and the Invictus Games Foundation and will continue to do so.”

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The next Invictus Games are set to take place in May or 2021, the foundation said in March this year.

Meanwhile, Mrs Juner also addressed the role of Meghan Merkel, the Duchess of Sussex, in the US move.

He suggested that the royal family would not enable Meghan to achieve her political ambitions, noting that it “could be an incomparable platform for charitable work … not a springboard for world change”.

Mrs. Junar added to the Duchess that she was “clearly fond of standing and counting,” and that “I never want to go back to Meghan.”

Harry, Meghan and their son Archie currently live in Santa Barbara, California.

They have since announced a deal with video streaming service Netflix to create content for the platform.

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