Prince Harry: ‘My son is my top priority’

The quarantine period also has its benefits. For example, for Prince Harry, who is thoroughly enjoying his family and his new home, Montecito, in the US state of California.

The British prince and his wife Meghan Markle recently moved from Los Angeles to Montecito and they are having a happy time there. The Duke of Sussex spoke about his new life and his one-year-old son Archie during a Zoom conversation with Rugby Football League last weekend.

“I need some mini rugby balls so I can teach my son to play,” laughs Prince. “At the moment I can’t really find any small rugby balls. We have a garden here, which is ideal for a game of rugby.”

The prince insists that he is incredibly happy with their garden. “It gives me a chance to go out with my son. I am very grateful for that because I know not many people have been able to do this in recent months.”

The prince also spoke about his new ambitions. He and his wife are soon going to start their own Archwell non-profit organization. “Our son is our absolute priority. Our work comes later, but we do everything we can to help make a better world.”

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