Prince Harry: “He will continue to serve the United Kingdom” regardless of controversy

Although he has decided to continue his life in Montekito with his wife Meghan Markle, Prince Harry fully intends to continue serving in Britain until the end of his life. And this, despite criticism and controversy that the couple had been the subject of their exile in California.

Since moving from Buckingham Palace, Meghan and Harry are at the center of the upheaval. Between rumors of disagreements with William and Kate and shock interviews given to Oprah Winfrey, the pair feuded An explosion within the royal family of England. The British crown had never been so shaken since the sad disappearance of Lady Diana under the Alma Bridge in Paris. Although he is now settled in Montecito with his wife and baby boy, Archie, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson does not intend to leave his homeland. In an interview with, a close friend of the Duke of Sussex appeared at his wedding in May 2018 to explain the prince’s intentions. according to him, Harry reportedly intended to continue serving the UK “To the end of his life”.

In this interview, JJ Challers claimed that Harry was “Dedicated to serving the UK”, Took a military oath. To add more: “Harry said very clearly – and not just in this interview [avec Oprah Winfrey] But before that – he wanted to continue Serve the community as a whole, Especially close to her heart, including the Armed Forces community. ” And JJ Challers knows Diana’s son well: after ten years in the army, this former Royal Marine was severely wounded in Afghanistan, Before becoming a Scottish Invictus Games medalistA competition for wounded soldiers in the field of battle established by Prince Harry.

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Harry, more and more alone

34-year-old JJ Chambers also appeared in the UK edition Dance with the stars, last November. Opportunity for prince harry Encourage him in this new adventure : During the show, Archie’s Daddy made a surprise video conference appearance to greet his friend and congratulate him on getting up after the ordeal. “I wouldn’t be here without him”The young man had responded, apparently to Harry’s attention on this particular day.

This friendly support is welcome for Harry, who feels more alone than ever since his exile in California. If many celebrities supported his wife, Victim of racist attacksThe prince did not receive the same public attention from his accession. As explained by, this can be explained by the fact that his historical friends come from the aristocracy, and so it is reserved for a certain duty, and that the General Assembly has in its new neighborhood The meetings must have been complicated. Western coast.

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