Prince Harry: Diana’s Panorama Interview with him and William ‘Try to Run a Ring’ – Source | UK News

A source close to Prince Harry told Sky News that parts of the media were using the probe into Princess Diana’s panorama interview in an attempt to “disguise” her son.

They also claim that the Duke of Sussex is failing to protect his mother’s inheritance.

It follows an unexpected statement from Prince William earlier this week, temporarily welcoming the BBC’s decision to launch Independent investigation This is how he secured an interview with his late mother in 1995.

Diana during her interview with Martin Bashir

The Duke of Cambridge said it “Steps on the Right Path” And something that should “help establish the truth” about “leading actions in the interview” and “decisions made by the BBC at the time”.

Subsequent newspaper articles, however, questioned why Prince Harry did not make a joint statement with his brother. It is understood that he has decided not to follow William by expressing his opinion.

A few stories on Friday accused him of failing to support his brother and fail to protect his mother’s inheritance, suggestions that were described as horrific and offensive.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex decided to step down from the monarchy and move to the United States, sparking much speculation about Harry and William’s relationship and what they had lost.

But a source close to him told Sky News: “Harry is getting regular updates and is aware of what’s going on.”

They added: “You don’t have to make a public statement to imagine how he is feeling personally. People know how much his mother means to him.

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“In the past, he spoke boldly about the loss and grief, and it had a huge impact on him.

“Sadly, some people see this not only as a campaign of truth, but as an opportunity to try to run a disguise among the brothers.”

Prince William and Kate and Prince Harry and Meghan
Prince Harry is reported to be receiving regular updates on current events

In another development, Earl Spencer, Princess Diana’s brother, criticized the BBC and interviewer Martin Bashir for remittances set up to investigate how her sister secured her interview.

In a tweet, Earl said: “I told the BBC this evening that I am not at all satisfied with the parameters they set for their investigation into the Panorama interview with Diana 25 years ago. Consider him independently to verify. “

In recent weeks, Earl Spencer has called for a new investigation into how programmers used fake documents to possibly persuade his sister into an interview because they were spying and could not trust the people around them.

Earl Spencer released documents which he said were fake and encouraged him and made his sister talk to Bashir.

He described the corporation’s investigation in 1996 as a fabrication of whether it was used as a “whitewash” in the White Historical Panorama interview.

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The BBC recently said Recover a note written by Diana He had no part in his decision to take part in confirming the false bank statement.

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