Prince Harry defends his request to maintain police protection in court

Prince Harry is determined to go all the way. While the British government refused to grant him police protection, even if he paid for it out of pocket, as he is no longer a senior member of the royal family, the Queen’s grandson defended his case in court.

During the preliminary hearing on Friday, his lawyer Master Shaheed Fatima reiterated on the stand that Rajkumar and his family are not safe in the country without this protection. In fact, according to him, broadcast by Town & Country, it’s impossible for him to return to where he grew up and where he feels “at home”.

near jubilee

This request comes as the Queen’s birth anniversary approaches. The celebrations to celebrate 70 years on the throne of the emperor will take place in early June. Will Prince Harry leave if he doesn’t get what he wants? Certainly, his absence will create a new scandal, without which there would be no crown.

Until 2020, when the couple decided to leave their royal duties to lead a “normal life”, their police protection – paid for by the taxpayer – was canceled along with any other public money. The Duke and Duchess of Sussex pay for their security in the United States, where they live, but they do not consider it sufficient in the United Kingdom.

For the British Home Office, Prince Harry’s offer to pay the country’s police services out of his own pocket is simply “unfair”, as this option does not exist.

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