Prince Charles: This is his bizarre morning routine

As a butler in a British palace, you experience the everyday life of the royals up close. This also applies to Prince Charles (73), who deserves special attention because of his special morning routine. In the Amazon film “Serving the Royals: Inside the Firm,” a former Buckingham Palace employee, Paul Burrell (63), now reveals what strict rituals the son of Queen Elizabeth II (95) followed. In the 1990s, Burrell worked closely with the royal family and also became friends with Princess Diana († 36).

“His pajamas are ironed every morning and his shoelaces are flattened with an iron,” the 63-year-old revealed in the documentary. But Prince Charles also follows a strict routine in the bathroom every morning. Accordingly, the plug in the bathtub should always point in the same direction. Also, the water temperature should only be lukewarm and the tub should only be half full.

Prince Charles has hives of his own. Click on the video above and see how expensive their honey is.

Prince Charles: His underwear should always be ironed

but that’s not all. It is also important for Prince Charles that his towel is carefully folded and that his underwear should always be ironed. They should stick to their habits for decades.

So while his morning routine is well structured, it is more turbulent at the British palace at the moment. The focus is on Prince Andrew’s brother, Prince Andrew (61), who has been threatened with civil proceedings for sexual abuse in the United States. But Prince Charles’ son Prince Harry (37) also remains in the headlines. Now that the 37-year-old has relinquished her royal duties, she and her family are no longer entitled to police protection in their native Britain. Meghan Markle’s (40) husband does not want to admit it, which is why he is now considering suing the British government.

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Prince Charles wishes he could spend time with his grandchildren Archie and Lillibet

Since “Mexit” in 2020, Prince Harry has made more and more distance from his family. Her father, Prince Charles, is said to have wanted nothing more than to spend time with his grandchildren Archie (2) and Lillibet (7 months). As the British “Mirror” reports, the 73-year-old is said to have recently invited Prince Harry to be with her during her next visit to Great Britain. While Prince Charles is said to have last seen little Archie when he was six months old, he reportedly never met his granddaughter Lillibet.

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