Prince Andrew implicated in fraud

Prince Andrew, who was withdrawn from the British monarchy because of his links with the Epstein case, on Friday 1 April finds himself currently embroiled in a fraud case before the courts in which he received “significant amountFrom a Turkish businessman, according to documents disclosed by the press.

The Duke of York and his ex-wife Sarah Ferguson have been named in the High Court in London in a dispute brought between Nebahat Isbilen, a Turkish septuagenarian, and Selman Turk, a Turkish businessman based in London. The first would have entrusted the second with the responsibility of keeping her property outside Turkey where her husband was imprisoned. However, according to documents brought in the proceedings cited by the British press, the prince and his ex-wife will receive “significant amountThis former banker is accused of embezzlement of around £40 million (47 million euros) belonging to Nebahat Isbilene.

A “gift” for £750,000

,The money was used for purposes unrelated to Nebahat Isbilene, for example, significant sums were being paid to Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson.“According to the position of the plaintiff’s defense present in these documents. According to the British daily The Telegraph, the 62-year-old prince must have received more than a million pounds. Specifically in payments “Gift£750,000 paid by Nebahat Isbilen on the advice of the Selman Turks, while the septuagenarians enlisted help in exchange for obtaining a British passport and fleeing to Turkey.

Prince Andrew has since returned the money, but “refusedNo response to the request of Nebahat Isbilen’s lawyer, according to The Telegraph. According to the complainant, this payment happened in November 2019, days after the businessman to whom he had entrusted his fortune, won the prize in an entrepreneurial competition organized by Rajkumar. Matters came to a head when Andrew appeared in public at Westminster Abbey on the arm of his mother Queen Elizabeth II on Tuesday, the first time an amicable settlement was reached with American Virginia Giuffre, who was accused of sexual assault while under the influence of late . American financier Jeffrey Epstein. Due to the allegations, he was stripped of any official role in January and can no longer use his title of Royal Highness.

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