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Timing is important when it comes to obtaining accurate results from Covid-19 antibody tests used to determine whether someone is infected with the new coronavirus, according to a new Cochrane Review document.

Antibody tests are better at detecting Covid-19 in humans two or more weeks after the onset of symptoms, but there is not yet sufficient evidence to determine how well they work after five weeks or among people with milder illness or no symptoms. all propose review published in the Cochrane Systematic Reviews Database on Thursday.

“Time is critical. Use the test at the wrong time – it won’t work, ”Jon Deeks, professor of biostatistics and Biostatistics, Evidence Synthesis, and Test Evaluation Research Group head at the University of Birmingham in the UK, said at a virtual press conference for journalists on Thursday.

“This is largely due to taking samples from patients,” Deeks said. Said. “It’s not a new science, it’s not well thought out in many of the studies we’ve reviewed.”

Cochrane Review is a systemic analysis of studies published on a particular subject, and doctors, nurses, patients, researchers or funders often refer to Cochrane evidence to help them make decisions or better understand a medical issue.

The new review of the accuracy of antibody tests covering more than 300 pages was written by Cochrane researchers from institutions across Europe and directed by experts from the University of Birmingham.

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