Prevents rain and sun from moving .. Meteorology gives the reason for change of alum

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Sunday 10 January 2021

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Egypt has recently seen a dense proliferation of sebum, which turns to fog in the morning, in most parts, especially on agriculture and highways, which affects visibility.

The Meteorological Authority published the definition of fog and the reasons for its spread, and it came as follows:

They are small water spheres that float in the air, and when the trees stop them, they gather on their leaves in the form of large leaves, and if the fog is light it is called (fog) and it Gives the sky a light white color, which weakens vision and the thickness of the fog layer varies between 100 meters and 3000 meters depending on the weather. Due to a formation, and it arises when the air cools to the point of saturation, especially if it contains ash particles that are suitable for the nucleus, and when there is fog, the humidity is less than 90% Can not occur, and usually the fog deepens after sunrise because its temperature causes a movement in clumps. Fog mingled with each other.

Fog causes outbreak
One of the reasons that helps to create fog is the flow of hot, moist winds over cool land or sea. If this happens, the air temperature above it drops below the dew point, and then the fog will rise.

Smoke spread in major industrial cities also helps to create fog, especially when high atmospheric pressure is involved, as fog can persist for several consecutive days and cannot subside until atmospheric depressions form an air drop. Does not accept that which raises the winds and removes the fog.

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During the final period, the north of the country, up to the north of Upper Egypt, was affected by dense fog, as horizontal visibility was reduced to 50 meters in some areas, and this fog is considered to be very opaque, as the country falls from the cold Siberian highland Being affected and by the bursting of a wet eastern mass that had long since disappeared from the republic. Which falls in this period every year, but this season is not considered strange or extreme because the weather conditions that usually affect the temperature and mass in winter have a lot of stability unlike the spring and autumn seasons, which Witness the rapid and rapid change in the weather.

The Meteorological Department called upon the citizens to take precautions in the morning due to the fog of water and at the same time follow their publication and thank all those who contributed to sending and publishing the photographs to all the Governors and protecting everyone. Maintained.

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