Press review after France-Wales: “Giants”, “With heart”, “Never seen” – 6 nations

The crazy victory of the Blues of the Welsh (32–30) has been praised by the French press and the United Kingdom. The disappointment from the Welsh side is strong.

A completely surprising ending to the game. For a founding success for Fabian Galthi’s Blues, still in the race to win the Six Nations tournament after being denied the Welsh by a thirteenth Grand Slam (32–30). Strong feelings like French rugby did not last him long. Apparently, the press salutes this tour day force of Charles Olivan and his comrades. The “Giants” are in the headlines by pairing rugby players with Alexis Pinturault, who won the big crystal globe in alpine skiing on Saturday. “This meeting will remain as a dark moment, which is marked in the stories of the epic stories of the fifteenth history of France. It is still an eccentric masterpiece of the teenage generation, of which we certainly cannot say anything, but we want to hear all the promises this morning (Sunday), writes our colleague Renaud Barrell.

“Read – France’s XV can win the tournament if …

Same rapturous enthusiasm in the daily favor Southwest, Who congratulates him for the success “from the heart” for “a breathtaking ending to the match”. The midday dispatch, For its part, highlighted the “heroic blues”, which “could always lead to a final victory in the Six Nations tournament” at the end of an insane comeback.

In addition to the channel, Tricolors’ performance is also highlighted. “My heart has never lost so fast, in the last 10 minutes, have you ever seen it end like this?”, Said the enthusiast to former Welsh center Jamie Roberts, who won the continental competition in 2012 and 2013. One of the biggest matches of the Six Nations tournament I’ve ever seen, and I think most of the spectators are the same. Everything was, testing from the start … prohibited testing, boxes … and to the end, we never saw that … “

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“What a game! It’s almost the same as France, a country that is notorious, which has to send a player to extinguish its internal fire.”

David flatman

for every day Wells on sunday, It is necessarily a slightly more serious soup. The Welsh newspaper sheds light on “a strong French renaissance”, but also points the finger, towards Alun Jones’ teammates, “with the yellow cards of indiscipline, Tulup Fettau and Liam Williams, in a few moments in the final ten of each other. Minutes “. Absent at the very end of the match at No. 8 (70th) and Back (74th) are logically singled out. According to Guardian, “The yellow card given to Mohammed House (59th) seemed to precipitate the victory (from the Welsh), but fate and Bryce Dulin had other ideas …” Wells on sunday It is said that after Hausa’s mistake on the Welsh ball, referee Mr. Pierce gave a penalty try to XV du Leek.

While there is bitterness and disappointment from the Welsh side, most observers say they have watched one of the tournament’s most breathtaking matches. Former English columnist David Flatman – who is often not kind to the French – was also enthusiastic: “What a match! It’s almost as if France, a country that is notoriously infamous, needs to let the air inside its air A player needs to be dispatched to deliver … only the Blues can win a match that way, and they did. “

For his part, former English score-half Matt Dawson claims that this brutal end of the match will upset Wales. In his column for the 2003 World Champion, he wrote, “I’ve known this scenario a lot when Grand Slam was in the game and England lost,” BBC. The Welsh “are going to experience sleepless nights. In the coming years, the Welsh will have a flashback to reconsider this side that they released the ball in the 80th minute and give France one last chance. A match that will see both teams Will be deeply marked …

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