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What an amazing Formula One final!

Max Verstappen (24) won the title for the first time in the last round of the season! It’s a bitter bankruptcy for record world champion Lewis Hamilton (36). By a few laps before the end, the Briton was clearly on course for the title. After a safety car stage and with new tyres, Verstappen caught Hamilton on the last lap in a heartbreaking final and thwarted Britain’s eighth World Cup victory. Press reviews:

Great Britain

“Daily Mail”: “It was announced as the biggest Formula 1 highlight. Formula 1 gave the world what it wanted. But in doing so, the sport seemed to overturn the concept of fairness, justice and equal opportunity. He rules Twisted the booklet a bit and fixed the title in terms of the promised drama and spectacle.”

“Sun”: “The safety car seems to have pulled the carpet from under Hamilton’s feet and is sure to be the biggest brawl in Formula 1 history.”

“Guardian”: “Max Verstappen celebrates his first Formula 1 World Championship victory with victory at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, but only after a major controversy that still makes his title a bit questionable.”


formula 1
Verstappen is the world champion!

Source: Reuters

Abu Dhabi

“National”: “Such a dramatic and chaotic season cannot end peacefully. Nine months, 22 races and a bitter battle of four continents brought the final stop. A world championship that was not completed on the track, but in front of race stewards and lawyers who listened.”


“La Gazzetta dello Sport”: “Verstappen-Hamilton, the last lap is like a heart attack!”

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“Corrire dello Sport”: “Verstappen went crazy with joy. The Dutchman exploded after winning the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.”

“Republic”: “Verstappen world champion after an incredible final. Overtakes Hamilton on the last lap. The presence of a safety car five laps before the end changes everything.”


“Mark”: “World champion Verstappen busts the Hamilton myth. In a distinctive grand finale, Max Lewis bites the dust, living without a record on Schumacher.”

“Game World”: “Verstappen, world champion on the last lap! Hamilton had the title in his grasp, but a safety car changed everything with five laps to go.”


“Team”: “Hamilton broke his wing. After 2016, against Nico Rosberg, Lewis Hamilton lost another final, this time against Max Verstappen. Proof that Britain is neither unbeatable nor infallible.”


“Kronen Zeitung”: “Historic! Verstappen brought an end to the Hamilton era. Rarely has a Formula 1 driver displayed his brilliance at such a young age as Max Verstappen.”


“Opinion”: “The question sounds provocative: is Max Verstappen a worthy Formula 1 world champion? Yes, if you take the whole season into account.”

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