Press Area – “Sciences Pour Tous”: University of Paris-Saclay and CEA welcome third year students on an exploration internship

For the third time, Université Paris-Saclay, in partnership with the Science Essonne Association, is organizing the “Sciences Poor Tous” event.

On the model of action initiated by CEA since 2016, “Sciences por tuss”, offers third year students in REP+ (Priority Education Network) internships “discovering company in the laboratory”. , The selected students are young people with an interest in science and who cannot find an internship due to lack of connections in the company.

For this edition, which will take place from November 29 to December 3, 2021, the University of Paris-Saclay and CEA will welcome 36 third-year students from the colleges of Sonia Delaunay, Pablo Neruda and Jean Viller in Grigny (91) respectively. 24 students of Paul Eluard’s College of St. Genevieve des Bois (91).

Students will be able to discover the laboratories, their state-of-the-art equipment, the research done there, but also the teamwork and the various businesses that make it up. They will also be able to perform small manipulations and participate in experiments.

On the afternoon of Friday 3 December, student trainees will all be together for a joint review of their week’s internship. The session will be held from 1:30 pm to 4:30 pm at the Amphitheater of Pascal Bhavan in the presence of the researchers who hosted them and personalities from the academic world and local authorities.

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