Presidential election in Congo: former rebel Ntumi’s call for peace

#Other Countries : The presidential election on Sunday, March 21 in Congo-Brezzaville “must be done in peace, transparency and respect for the rules of the game”, declared former rebel leader Pastor Natumi, who had taken up arms after the president’s re-election in the last ballot. Denis Sasso Nguoso.

The election “should not be an opportunity to awaken the division’s old demons,” said Frederick Bintesmau, aka Pasteur Noomi, receives about twenty journalists in Moujkla, an area of ​​the pool located between Brazzil and Pointe-Noire. The village is considered. As the agricultural bread of Congo-Brezzaville.

On March 21, seven candidates are running, including incumbent President Sasuo Gugeso, 77, 36 of whom are in power.

The former rebel leader, the party of the National Council of Republicans (CNR) “does not present any and does not support any candidacy,” he said. “Election candidates must show love, greatness, patriotism and fair play.”

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Pastor Ntumi, 56, took up arms after the controversial re-election of President Sasuo Gugeso in March 2016.

Humanitarian sources said regular forces clashed in closed doors, displacing 140,000 people. The authorities finally announced a cease-fire just before Christmas 2017.

Pastor Ntumi regretted some of the failures in the application of the ceasefire agreement.

“He was planning to define a special position for me and appoint me a guard of 30 soldiers. But, to date, nothing has been done. This is because my safety is not assured. That I do not wander all over the pool and beyond ”, he indicated.

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Pastor Nutumi categorically refuted the allegation that he was playing in power for the elections.

“I swear to God. I never went to Cahute with President Sasau (…) except that we are building peace together,” he said.

The former rebel leader submitted to the press for the construction of a hospital which he claims to build “for the population of the region”.

“It should be finished already, but we don’t have enough money to move forward,” he said.

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