President Mackie Sall thanks Morocco

The creation of the Senegalese Defense Institute (IDS) is a “concrete response” to the challenge of training military officers, President Mackie Saal said in a speech during the institute’s opening ceremony, which was attended by a number of celebrities. Included are the naval and air military attache near the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Dakar, Colonel Hamid Ait Aqi.

In his speech, the Head of State of Senegal thanked the Kingdom of Morocco, a friendly country, for supporting the first step of this institute for the training of military officers, created in 2020.

Note that Morocco’s Senegal Defense Institute and the Royal College of Higher Military Education are bound by a partnership agreement signed in June 2021.

Mr Mackie Sall also cited France, which has provided a senior support officer for the IDS, and the United States, which will do the same.

“The IDS is a concrete response to the challenge of training high-level military officers, a training we often provide in the context of cooperation,” he said, adding that Senegal will continue to rely on cooperation to ensure training. of his military officers.

In this area, Mackie Sal says, “openness to fertile contributions from outside is always a source of prosperity”.

But it is important that we be able to carry out the essential part of our military elite training mission on our own. It is really the business of the IDS,” he said during the ceremony.

The head of state confirmed that it is to mark the “special importance” that he attaches to the training of civilian and military human resources that he insisted on coming to preside over the opening ceremony of the ‘Senegal Defense Institute’. Gave.

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Gray matter is, in fact, the first resource of nations, giving them power and wealth. That is why I have made human capital one of the key components of Pivot 2 of the emerging Senegalese plan. The creation of the IDS is, therefore, one of the variations of the PSE applied to the training of our military elite. The IDS was the missing link in our military training system. So it is timely,” he said.

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