Premier League: 10 things to look for in football this weekend

1) Solskizar has finally found the right balance

“Manchester United Struggle Against the Low Block” is a critique that is regularly published that it is accepted as true, but the reality is somewhat different. When a Premier League team is deep and defends in numbers, it is difficult to score against them. Since the signing of Bruno Fernandez, United have played 33 games, won 22, drawn seven and lost four, with defeats not linked to the opponent’s setup, but to United’s poor goalkeeping, defending, finishing and fitness. They seem to have solved these problems and can also find the best way to setup. Although the 4-4-2 diamond means the selection of only Marcus Rashford, Mason Greenwood, Edinson Cavani and Anthony Marshall, who were suspended in Sunday’s game – makes the formation extremely difficult to identify the strikers. A tight midfield defense all around provides more protection and allows Ole Gunnar Solskizar to pick two playmakers. After a long search, the United look has found the right balance. DH

Manchester United v Arsenal, Sunday at 4.30pm Sky Sports Premier League

2) Stability can free up the city’s aggressive wealth

Pep Guardiola finally got the click for their win at Marseille for the first time this season. The forward line looked confident, with the pace of play through the return terrace. However, the defense has also enjoyed its lowest risk, looking secure and balanced for the first time this season. Clay Walker, Reuben Dias and Imeric Lapert makeup are three quarters Guardiola’s first choice backline key should be a perfect counterweight left-back with Alexander Jinchenko. Considering the 100 million cost of center-back pairing, it may be time for Guardiola to stick with a pair for as many games as possible to create a unit that could help City Challenge for the Premier League once again at the risk of its relevance. -By-game with rotation. Stabilizing the back will ease the pressure on the other end of the pitch knowing who will give them more freedom and eventually knowing they can trust the defense. WW

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Sheffield United vs. Manchester City, Saturday 12.30 BT Sport 1

Oleksandr Jinchenko provided the balance for Manchester City.

Oleksandr Jinchenko provided the balance for Manchester City. Photograph: Dave Winter / BPI / RX / Shutterstock

3) The defensive crisis could go into the hands of hammers

West Ham’s only league win at Anfield since 1963 was in 2015, when they won 3-0 with the help of some slapsticks defending by Martin Scrotil and Dejan Lovren. Liverpool fans will probably feed for these two now, as the injured have ruined their central defense. With Virgin Van Dijk and Joel Matipe joining the list of Fabinho accidents, Jurgen Klopp must choose a new partner for Joe Gomez this weekend. The main options are asking Jordan Henderson to fill in the gaps or fight 19-year-old Rice Williams. Whoever Klopp chooses, David Moyes was sure to instruct his physical team to test Liverpool’s toughness, especially from set-pieces and counter-attacks. PD

Liverpool v West Ham, Saturday evening 30.30, Sky Sports Premier League

4) Claretes need to be careful about the arrival of the billet

Frank Lampard has a flurry of attacking options, but his team’s game has yet to be clicked. These difficulties are understandable – it takes time for new players to integrate and get them acquainted with each other which in turn results in the intuitive game we see. But Hakim Ziech’s absence is equally significant – Chelsea have the courage and brains to become a team that missed him even before the game. His presence will not only make Kai Havertage a creative burden, he will deliver the ball wherever he wants, releasing Timo Warner to run in this knowledge. Ziach has long been one of the best players outside of Europe’s richest league and has said more about finding players than how long he has been with Ajax. Burnley will be advised to search. DH

Burnley v Chelsea, Saturday at 3pm BT Sport Box Office

5) Rogers has gone with a tough choice as he seeks his fluency

It says a lot about the Premier League this season and a lot about Leicester as they sit fourth at the table but have yet to find their fluency. They have made strategic improvements though and it is already clear that they have bought well again. Brendon Rogers has a choice against Leeds: is his team sitting that way against Arsenal, or are they involved and showing dominance? On the one hand, they have better players so they should feel comfortable pushing the pace – able to rely on their quality in the first instance and if it comes down to their defenses. Leeds, on the other hand, probably wanted it that way: a team that had stretched far enough to cut through their side and leave room behind to attack. This is a stingy call to make and one of the reasons is the most interesting match up over the weekend. DH

Leeds vs Leicester, Sky Sports Premier League at 8pm on Monday

)) Can touch be competitive?

Tim Sherwood advised Tottenham to win the Premier League this season after a 1-0 win over Burnley on Monday. There are obviously strong candidates there and Thursday’s defeat in Antwerp was a shock. But Monday’s victory often feels like a sort of rising champion: traveling to a notorious travel venue, arising with stress and points. Not too long ago the Spurs drew 3-3 against West Ham and as you would expect Jose Mourinho insisted that they would not consider themselves title contenders after Turf Moore’s victory. But it’s still tempting to be surprised that this season’s champions, Harry Kane and Son Hyung-min, may be less clear candidates in throwing their best form. Gareth Bale has made a good impression by printing the pitch – what kind of impact can he have on it now that he is fully fit – and the question is whether Mourinho can gain the perseverance and consistency needed to mount a credible challenge. LM

Tottenham v Brighton & Hove Albion, Sky Sports Box Office until 7pm on Sunday

Gareth Bale wants to make an impact.

Gareth Bale wants to make an impact. Photograph: Stephanie Lecock / EPA

7) Murphy could take action for Magpies

Jacob Murphy scored his first Premier League debut in two years, scoring the equalizer against the Wolves last weekend. For the former Norwich winger, this was not only a rare outing, but was seen performing a composition in the right wing-back that presented a glimpse of his skills in a new character. Murphy has the fitness and offensive skills to fulfill this role, but whether he can also provide defensive discipline due to the shy nature of Newcastle’s shots, they can’t take responsibility in key positions. Since arriving in 2013, more than half of his Newcastle appearances have come from the bench, not to mention that he has been sent on loan twice. The 25-year-old will have to show that he has the skills to be a Premier League player, and given Newcastle’s current deficit, he should finally be given a chance to make his mark three years after his appearance. WW

Newcastle United v Everton, Sunday at 2:45 pm Mini Sky Sports Premier League

9) Podens shows the supply of substances to go in style

Nuno Esperito Santo has declared himself a mission to develop the style of the wolf and wants his team to be more influential in matches. There have been signs of progress in recent weeks, but the wolves are still more dependent than ever on Rolls-Royce, with attacks and attacks turning into controlled scoring. Crystal Palace will know that if they can beat Mexico on Friday, they have a good chance of hitting Wolf in a counter-attack, especially with Wilfrid Jahar. It will be a great match for Daniel Podens, who has been attacking with impressive skills and intelligence in recent weeks to finally score his first goal of the season for the Wolves. PD

Wolf vs. Crystal Palace, BT Sport Box Office Sport on Friday at 8 p.m.

9) Villa repeat season to avoid repeat displays

The trip to St. Mary was one of the lowest points of Aston Villa’s latest promotion, after Dean Smith’s 2-0 defeat in February: “My feelings are embarrassing with the performance. The thing that bothers me the most is the lack of fighting. “Villa have improved a lot since then but last week they made their first push of the season and eventually lost 3-0 to Leeds but did not respond well. They need to regain their attacking strength and regain their defensive strength against one side at Southampton. Which will start to look very free after the campaign starts. PD

Aston Villa vs. Southampton, Sky Sports box office on Sunday at 12:12 p.m.

10) Now or never to show Parker’s inclusion in Fulham

The time should now be for Scott Parker and his Fulham team. After four straight defeats to start the season, first against Arsenal and then in-form like Aston Villa and Leeds, they scored one point away at Sheffield United before re-entering Crystal Palace. After such a challenging start to the season, a home meeting with 17th-ranked West Bromwich Albion is not as affordable as Parker’s rate, and he knows it. “Every game is huge for us, but it’s got a little extra,” he said. The defeat could leave Fulham thinking of the longest season of an unforgiving top flight, and the first win will instill confidence in the team that includes this level. LM

Fulham v West Bromwich Albion, Monday evening 5..30, Sky Sports Box Office

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