Premier League: 10 talk point football from weekend action

1) Foxes must uncover uniform deputies to reduce risk

Jimmy Wardy proved his worth to Leicester City while on the pitch while on the pitch. The foxes were flat without any effective plan B to execute in the absence of Versi. The team is used to using the striker’s cunning to run behind the defense, when he is not leading the team they seem to lack other creative ideas. They will be concerned about Manchester City’s cut a few weeks ago and worry that Brendon Rogers will have to beat West Ham and Aston Villa in the next two games if he is not to repeat his fine performances. Reaching the Versace pitch illuminated Leicester, his teammates were more confident with their amulets of winning justifiably late. Rogers can look for the striker in Vardier’s mold as they will be able to maintain stability whenever he is absent; Otherwise these are just a tweeted muscle away from the middle taste. Will Unwin

Match report: Arsenal 0-1 Leicester

2) What could be the key to kicking Bamford Leeds?

It was a great start to the season for Leeds, whose fast-paced, fast-passing style is more suited to the Premier League than the Saturday-Tuesday-Saturday slug of the 46-game championship season. Newly promoted clubs are often settled after good campaigns, confident and successful campaigns, more familiar with their opponents than their opponents. Teams finish their work as the winter settles, but often things get hairy, but Leeds have better players and better managers than most teams in their position, so they set goals if they can find the source of regular goals. Not many expect Patrick Bamford to have six goals in six league games now, but can Penny finally drop after various clubs and managers? Daniel Harris

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Match Report: Aston Villa 0-3 Leeds

3) Judgment on Ridewald’s rising stars

Zero Ridewald’s first goal for Crystal Palace in the win over Fulham shattered another great Dutchman’s performance, signed in 2014 by Frank de Boer from Ajax. Although his compatriot Roy Hudson survived only four league matches as Palace manager. , Riedewald is basically establishing himself in midfield by appearing as a defender. In the Europa League final, player Hodgson said, “Hodgson, a player like him, said,” Like him, he also experienced defeat. “He is a very good character, who has been happy to work for the last three years. I’m just glad he introduced some more elements into his game which means we’re collecting prizes. ‘ Ed Arons

Match Report: Fulham 2-3 Crystal Palace

Diego Jota J celebrates with Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold after Liverpool's victory

Diego Jota joins Roberto Firmino and Trent Alexander-Arnold after Liverpool’s victory Photo: Peter Byrne / Reuters

4) The burden in front of Klopps becomes the Liverpool gap

After a week of intense concentration on what Liverpool have lost, here is a reminder of what Jেনrgen Klopp’s strategic switch champions have in abundance – a kind of deadly array of striking options by signing Ota 41m to join Diego. Putting them all on the pitch against Chris Wilder’s dangerous team was a way to compensate for the absence in defense and midfield and should be reconsidered when the situation allows, despite the impact on Liverpool’s overall liquidity at Anfield. Sheffield United made great defenses on Saturday – impressing John Egan, Anda Stevens and George Baldwick – but Liverpool’s unbeaten home league record has been extended to 622. “It’s a ruthless league,” Wilder said. No team is equipped to punish more than the champions. Andy Hunter

Match report: Liverpool 2-1 Sheffield United

5) When did Van de Beck unpack the defense for Salisbury?

How do you stop Olivier Gunnar Solskizar’s Manchester United? Leaving the men behind and denying the place to run behind the quick transfer. That is a fact but Solskj পরিচালকr will not be able to deny it until he is too young to be the director of the club. United may not only be a counter-advisory team, but they’re good to see when it all comes together. Yet they struggled with Chelsea in a 0-0 home draw to inflict discipline on opponents and shed a strong light on Solskir’s reluctance to use 35 35 million signing Donnie Van de Bic from Ajax, which has not yet started in the Premier League. He was an unused option against Chelsea. Van de Beck’s game is about breaking the line, staying in the right place at the end of the pass and breaking the ball – about the qualities that Soulscazar could use on Saturday. David Hitner

Match report: Manchester United 0-0 Chelsea

)) Adams adds a finishing touch to Injes’ partnership

Nowadays a few teams work with two strong strikers but Che Adams and Danny Ins have formed an effective alliance in Southampton. It was an intense partnership last season but after failing to score in any of his first 24 Premier League appearances, Adams has now scored six goals in his previous 12 top-flight matches. He scored 22 goals for a poor Birmingham team in 2011-19-1 and although he will soon be fighting for a golden boot like Ince at any time, it is fair to say that he is succeeding. Ralph Hassentel, Southampton manager, said: “I was always sure Che’s time would come. “Sometimes it takes a long time to adjust to this level but he was always learning and working hard. Now he gets what he deserves.” Ben Fisher

Match report: Southampton 2-0 Everton

Everton are still at the top of the table and are not too disappointed after the defeat, says Anlolti – video

)) Sanskrit left-back rich for the city of Cancello

On another frustrating afternoon for Manchester City, part of the excitement was Joe Cancello, who sees the right man filling the left-behind space. The reason Cancello has been fighting for consistency since earning লড়াই 60 million last summer is because it has rarely been used consistently: outside and outside, right-back and left-back, and occasionally even in midfield. But against West Ham, he was City’s best player: tireless, creative, defensive and Phil Foden’s equalizer. Cancello will improve further with regular games; Given the City’s stability list, he can be sure of getting them. Jonathan Liu

Match report: West Ham 1-1 Manchester City

8) Failed to provide Saint-Maximine test

Alan St-Maximin thanked Newcastle fans for his amazing skills, ability to intimidate defenders and frequently deliver an end product. The Frenchman has earned a free role in the Wolves, becoming the mainstay of St James’s Park this weightlifting season. Sadly, Steve Bruce’s offer of winger Kurt Blanche behind the striker did not bring the desired result as Saint-Maximine struggled to make any impact. Freedom was not appropriate for him, as he had failed to determine how to be more centrally effective, to terrorize perfectly in all seasons, to identify their weaknesses, and to become accustomed to using it to his advantage. Each role on the pitch needed to have a purpose and, as did St. Maximine, Newcastle looked toothless despite the number of attacking players in action. The Bruce test is interesting to watch but may come up with a strategy with them in the future. Will Unwin

Match Report: Wolves 1-1 Neckley

Neves will be in Newcastle's Allan Saint-Maximine Challenge.

Neves will be in Newcastle’s Allan Saint-Maximine Challenge. Photograph: Newcastle United / Getty Images

9) Antonio’s Courage Shows Hammer Scratchgun Signatures

West Ham have poured huge sums of money into flashy names in recent years, with Sebastian Haller, Philip Anderson and Javier Hernandez all proving that a great reputation is no barrier to desperate mediation. Yet David Moyes’s suspiciously high-flying West Ham is a team whose name is not excluded and a team that is much more than the sum of its parts. In a great joint show, three standout performers were signed from Ipswich, Nottingham Forest and Hull, and the man of the match came from the youth academy. None of this is to say that big purchases can’t work, only that they often promise more than they deliver, especially when signing up for Scratchgun panic. Antonio’s goal on Saturday proved that lack of glamor does not mean lack of vision, auditory or majesty skills. If Saud Benarham could add those qualities, West Ham could get a taste of the real glamor: table top. Alex Hess

10) Lampard still scratches his head to find the best formula

Chelsea’s outlook on Saturday’s game became more meaningful than that of Manchester United, yet Frank left Lampard with more questions than answers. Playing three center-backs provides a camouflage defense in numbers, but even in that structure Chelsea will have to play poorly against the opponent and end up defending his clean sheet from the man whose manager chose the wrong team. Then, with only three attacking players on the pitch, they fought to create serious chances. Although the structure and staff will vary with different opponents, there is no remote idea that Lampard is close to finding his best formula. Daniel Harris

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