Preity Patel: ‘I will launch a new shelter system that is firm and fair’

Preity Patel: 'I will launch a new shelter system that is firm and fair'

Home Secretary He promised to make the UK’s asylum system “strong and fair” by promising “the biggest level of maintenance in decades”.

In a speech at the Conservative Party’s virtual conference, Patel said: “We will protect those who need it most and those who respect the rule of law will lead those who lead our country on a journey.”

M. Patel said the United Kingdom, under the conservative leadership, would “always provide sanctuary to the freedom of the people when the light is on”.

He told those who tuned in to the online conference: “The harassment shelter system should provide a safe haven for people who have been tortured, persecuted or fled.

“But we don’t have that. Because our shelter system is basically broken. And we have a responsibility to work.”

Commenting on Ms Patel’s speech, Labor MP Nick Thomas-Symonds said: “The British will see through the Home Secretary’s shameless remarks about the ‘broken system’, which has been run by Torres for a decade.

He added: “This is further evidence of the way tours lack empathy and skill.”

In her remarks, MS Patel added: “Desperate Congress to support preachers fleeing political persecution, from expelling European Asians from repressive governments, to proudly resettle more Syrian refugees than any other EU country.

Home Secretary Preeti Patel Submission Leon Neil / PA

“Under the Conservative leadership, the UK is free of people when the lighting is off and always provides sanctuary.

“So, I’m going to launch a new system that’s strong and efficient.

“Fair and compassionate towards those who need our help, safe, safe and welcome people in a legal way.

“But firmly because we will stop the abuse of the broken system. Strongly, because we will stop making legal claims against those who come here illegally.”

“And firmly, because we will expedite the removal of those who do not demand protection.

“After decades of inactivity of successive governments, we will solve moral, legal, practical problems with this broken system because what we have now is not firm or fair.

“And I will bring in legislation to keep this promise. I will take every necessary step to rectify this broken system. The amount of the largest phase of our shelter system in decades.”

Submission Christy O’Connor / PA

The Home Secretary has promised to “expedite” the response to the illegal transfer.

Adding: “We will find criminal gangs who are trafficking in our country.

“I will continue to use all my power to track down our outstanding national crime agencies and intelligence agencies.

“We will give more immediate returns every week to those who come here illegally and break our rules.

“And we will explore all practical measures and options to stop illegal transfers.”

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