Pregnant man, heart to hand… here are the new emoji coming to our smartphones

37 new emoji have been added to the emoji catalog with 75 skin tones. (© Adobe Stock)

112 new emoji. Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Unicode Consortium, the body that coordinates the development of the Unicode Standard (the coding of written computer text), validated. Expected emoticons on our smartphones in the coming months, According to Moderator’s blog. He was introduced in July.

For this version 14.0, 37 new emoji, as well as 75 skin tones (112 in total) have been added. The Emojipedia site, which documents the meaning and common usage of emoji characters in the Unicode Standard, has detailed them all.

shaking hands in different colors

Among the major innovations, there is more variety, especially the 25 new combinations of handshakes in different colors (it will be possible to choose the color of each hand).

Another surprise, the arrival of a pregnant male and a non-gender pregnant individual, available in six different colors. According to the Unicode Consortium Goal: To show that pregnancy is possible for transgender men and also for non-binary people.

from October 2021

Other “classic” emoji are also appearing such as “melting head”, “eyes hidden from hands”, “attention”, “tears in eyes” or even “face with eyes open and mouth open”.

We also find the famous “hands to heart”, “pointing finger”, “sign of money”.

In the realm of more or less unusual emoji, we also note the presence of the emoji “beans”, “low battery”, “slide”, “tires”, “disco ball”, “hand of fatma”, “identity card”. ” bitten lip” or “coral” (symbol traditionally used to provoke global warming).

All these emoji will land on our phones from October 2021 for platforms that work with Google and from January 2022 for Apple, Samsung, Facebook and Twitter. They will be deployed by August.

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