Pre-orders for Body Games Deluxe versions have been canceled, being returned

The physical games team addressed their community through an open letter published on their website. The letter announced the company’s decision to cancel the exclusive pre-order product offered through their site. Physicalization will begin the process of full refund.

Body Games was established with the goal of “… providing pre-order exclusive physical video games in a variety of ways.” The inspiration comes from an incident where an artificial shortage of limited print runs prevented fans from getting the game. The company also wanted to create a “deluxe version” that would contain physical items that make sense for the game that look good on a shelf. For reference, the body was in charge of things like bringing the game Guilty Gear 20th Anniversary Pack In regions outside of North America.

In the letter, Physicality Games said they have achieved many of their goals and are proud of the community they created and the products they create. Due to insufficient pre-orders, however, the company will not be able to drive their products. It was a painful decision to make, but we consciously told our customers not to wait any longer, “the letter reads.

Community functions and other store items can still be found on the website. The company’s official Twitter account said in a tweetAll physicality deluxe version refunds are processed manually and the company is working to get them through “as soon as possible”.

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