Poverty explosion in Argentina, 200,000 dead in India… update on world conditions

The Kovid-19 epidemic continues in India, while other countries such as the Netherlands are slowly returning to normal life, Wednesday 28 April. India The United States is the fourth most bereaved country after Brazil and Mexico, and recorded 350,000 new infections a day earlier. Facing an emergency, many countries have promised to send humanitarian aid. Francinfo takes stock of the highlight of the day.

More than 200,000 dead in India

According to the Ministry of Health, a total of 201,187 people have lost the epidemic and 3,293 lives in the last 24 hours. Facing this situation, Russian President Vladimir Putin has promised India “Emergency Humanitarian Assistance” Over 22 tons of material. Switzerland will also send assistance amounting to one million Swiss francs (about 900,000 euros). Following the first consignment of medical equipment over the weekend, the United Kingdom has announced the sending of three oxygen production units.

In addition, B.1.617, the name given to variants discovered in India, contains more than 1,200 genome sequences. “At least 17 countries”, Announced the World Health Organization (WHO).

Poverty explodes in Argentina

Under the combined effects of a deep economic crisis that has shaken the country for three years and an epidemic, poverty now affects 42% of its 45 million inhabitants. About 40% of the population lives in the informal economy and chronic inflation (36% in 2020) makes access to food impossible for many.

Children are particularly affected. According to Le Monde (article reserved for customers), About six out of ten Argentina, under the age of 14, do not have all their basic needs. After two years of recession, the population is now facing the consequences of a sharp 9.9% contraction in the economy.

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Uncertainty about audience attendance at Olympics

The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics (July 23-August 8) adjourned until June on the decision of whether or not the local audience will be present. In March, he had already decided to ban the presence of spectators coming from abroad, for the first time in the history of the competition.

Facing an increase in Kovid-19 cases, Tokyo and three other Japanese departments have been placed under a third state of emergency since Sunday, requiring that the sporting event be held behind closed doors.

Airways closing with India

Australia has decided to suspend flights from India while Canada, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and New Zealand have already suspended or restricted their flights. Belgium has banned the entry of people into its territory, directly or indirectly, who have been in India during the last 14 days, but also in Brazil and South Africa, where there are other types of roads.

In the Netherlands, the roofs reopen after six months of closure

The Dutch partially stormed the roofs again after six months of closure. Queues are lined up across the country, in front of cafeterias and restaurant terraces, to serve outside and accommodate up to 50 people at the same time from 12 noon to 6 pm.

The curfew, which was introduced in January as the worst riots in the Netherlands in decades, has also been lifted. The Dutch are also allowed to have two guests at home per day instead of just one.

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