Potential Formation of Atlantic Ring of Fire in Next 20 Million Years

Potential Formation of Atlantic Ring of Fire in Next 20 Million Years

A new research paper has suggested that the Atlantic Ocean may be facing an invasion that could potentially lead to the formation of an Atlantic “Ring of Fire”, similar to the well-known Pacific Ring of Fire. The Pacific Ring of Fire is home to 90% of earthquakes and 75% of volcanoes globally.

The study indicates that the Gibraltar subduction zone could extend into the Atlantic, creating the potential for a ring of fire. This process is expected to take up to 20 million years to fully develop, as subduction zones around the edge of the ocean are necessary for the complete shutdown of the Atlantic.

Subduction zones form when tectonic plates push down on each other, resulting in volcanic activity. However, the Atlantic’s oceanic lithosphere is known to be strong and resistant to breaking and bending, making the process of forming a ring of fire in the Atlantic more challenging.

Future generations may need to prepare for the potential formation of the Atlantic Ring of Fire and seek ways to prevent it. The involvement of more volcanic activity and earthquakes in another ring of fire could lead to significant death and destruction.

It is essential to continue monitoring the situation and studying the potential impacts of this invasion on the Atlantic Ocean. Stay tuned to Insider Wales Sport for more updates on this developing story.

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