Possibly redeployment of troops from Seville to Italy before Morocco

Marines move from Spain to Italy with the possible hope of basing their military units on (for missions in Africa Marine Corps Rapid Reaction Force) In Morocco, also in Tunisia. The United States, as planned, proceeded with the withdrawal of His troops from the Morrone de la Frontera base , Seville , to Sicily at Signelia.

The decision to move the entirety of this Marine Corps, based in Spain since 2013, was taken last fall (early November) and was part of a restructuring of the USMC (United States Marine Corps) from Monroe Base, which has been designated as part of its fleet. was characteristic. “Convertiplanes” (Boeing MV-22B) indicated the command of the USMC for Europe and Africa, or MarforYuraf (Marine Corps Forces Europe and Africa).

Spanish and American sources agree that the change responds to reasons for an internal Pentagon reorganization and has no political background. It is clear, however, that this is the first significant reduction of US troops in Spain since 1992. So 850 Marines and eight aircraft left the Morrone base in Spain and Seville, taking with them six MV-22B Ospreys with vertical takeoff and two C-130Js. super hercules For military transport and in-flight refueling for Sicily.

The reason for this decision is “based on strategic priorities” and the need to “maximize” resources. The transfer does not affect the other US units in Moron, which make up Air Force 496 Squadron and supply French fighter-bombers in their attacks on Islamic extremists in Chad, Mauritania, Niger, Mali and Burkina Faso. decision to withdraw Marine And the planes were decided and reported to the Spanish executive during Donald Trump’s presidency, and implemented during Biden.

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With this operation, Sigonelia becomes the US Navy’s main aeronautical installation in the Mediterranean Sea, before expanding into Tunisia and Morocco in North Africa. The Spanish Defense Ministry was informed last November of the United States’ decision to transfer Rapid Reaction Forces from the United States Marine Corps to another corps led by the United States Army based in Italy for missions in Africa .

The reason was simple, with responsibility for managing crises in Africa now shifting from the Marine Corps to the US military, and the latter, which already has command and has a base in Vicenza, is now assuming its mission of response. likes to. Italy. The Marines would return to the United States at the end of their mission, but the Osprey aircraft and C-130J would remain in Italy.

However, some move through this deployment to Tunisia or Morocco, in the position of a major United States ally outside NATO, a movement of Marines to bring together conflict zones in Africa, particularly in Libya and the Sahel. lets see. ,

As far as Morocco is concerned, it would have a good chance of welcoming US forces at Saffron Sagir, especially since the enclave in the Mediterranean is strategically positioned (therefore better control over the Straits).

In addition, it was already discussed in July 2020 when it was necessary to renew the agreement for the use of Rota (Cádiz). But Rabat doesn’t have only saffron saghir. In the north of the country three bases were built, in addition to Guercife, Tauriert, Jebel Laroui, Saffron Sagir, while three construction projects of new military bases are proposed for the Americans, including Agadir which is already operational.

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