Portugal, the United Kingdom, Russia … these countries that risk tightening their measures this summer

If the daily figures for new coronavirus infections are low in France, it is not the case everywhere. Many countries are facing a resurgence of the disease, especially due to the delta variant, which originated in India, and new measures are needed.


A few weeks ago, the UK was almost an example. New cases were in free fall, vaccination campaigns were proceeding with a bang and plans were on to reopen the country. But the delta version made a sudden appearance in the country, raising fears of a massive resumption of the pandemic.

Since the beginning of June, the number of cases has increased gradually, albeit at a slower rate than last January’s third wave. According to officials, most of those affected have not been vaccinated. In order not to take any risk, the country’s deconfinement has now been postponed until July 19, a date that could change if the health situation is not controlled by then.


With a large part of its economy turning to tourism, Portugal set its hopes on the summer period of 2021. A long confinement allowed the restaurant to reopen earlier than a large portion of its European neighbors, until the varietal delta comes to keep it. Sand particles.

In recent days, preventive measures have been taken, such as postponing the final phase of the deconfinement in Lisbon, the region most affected by the edition, or even restricting certain visits. If vaccination does not make it possible to regulate the increase in cases, other action may be taken, even if it means limiting tourism and, by extension, the country’s economic recovery.


A pause that didn’t last as long as expected. While the number of new daily cases in Russia was relatively stable between the end of March and May, according to officials, the situation worsened at an alarming rate. In Moscow in particular, pollution is increasing at an almost exponential rate. Previous measures have been taken, such as the closure of fan-zones in the capital on the occasion of Euro Football.

Since the country’s borders were closed to all citizens, tourists were not allowed entry. Therefore, it is likely that in view of the situation, the measures related to passengers will remain the same this summer.

South Africa

Africa is now experiencing a sharp increase in cases in many countries. South Africa is one of the worst-hit, with more than 11,000 cases reported daily on June 22, almost the same number as during the first wave in the country. Neighboring countries, such as Namibia and Botswana, were deteriorating health conditions by the time they survived the pandemic.

To counter the trend, South African President Cyril Ramaphosa recently announced the implementation of a new set of measures. South Africa, the country worst hit by the coronavirus pandemic, is looking to ramp up its vaccination campaign in the coming weeks to limit the damage.


As in Russia, Indonesia has seen an explosion in the number of new cases. The daily reading more than doubled in the span of 15 days, raising fears of a particularly violent episode of the pandemic in the coming weeks.

In this context, the WHO called on the government to act quickly to fight the disease, while the occupancy rate of hospitals in the capital Jakarta has already exceeded 75%. According to the National Disaster Mitigation Agency, a total of 29 areas have been declared “red” by authorities, completely limiting economic, tourism and religious activities without stopping.

Soon across Europe?

While Europe is deconfining and intends to take advantage of its heat to travel and go on vacation, some experts call for caution about the Delta version. On 23 June the European Center for Disease Prevention and Control announced that 90% of new cases could come from this strain by the end of August. A worrying finding is due to the fact that it is more contagious, and its first symptoms are less significant than the original. That’s why some doctors have raised concerns that patients do not take the necessary measures to avoid infecting other people.

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