Pope Francis has rarely been criticized by world news for wearing a face mask

Even when meeting people in the indoor environment, Pope Francis rarely faced criticism for wearing a face mask, with some prominent Catholics saying he should set an example in addition to protecting his own health.

None wore a mask during the public part of the weekend meeting between the Pope and the Prime Minister of Spain at the Vatican.

Last week, Francis wore a mask while praying in Rome – only the second time he was seen with a veil covering his face.

The next day, at his weekly general visit to the Vatican auditorium, his face was exposed. At the end of the audience, the pope greeted a half-dozen unmasked bishops, shaking hands and having a close conversation with everyone.

Earlier this month, Robert McKinsey, who has been reporting to the Vatican for 30 years, made a tweet “Too much trouble” picture Without a mask at an internal gathering, the pope said, “With so many people, many are pulling the mask to talk to him. And the pope has kissed the hands of the newly appointed priests.”

Vatican rules stipulate that mouths should be kept inside and outside where social distance can be difficult

The Pope’s 113-strong security corps, the thirteenth Swiss Guard, has tested positive for Covid over the past two weeks with guests at the Pope’s residence, Casa Santa Marta. According to Johns Hopkins University Tracker, Vatican City has a total of 22 coronaviruses.

Francis, who was 83 years old and had only one lung after another removal due to an infection in his teens, would be at risk of serious complications from the virus infection.

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Last week, the Jesuit priest and journalist wrote an open letter to Thomas Reese Francis, mentioning “you should know better” and six reasons to go after the pope’s mask.

“As a Christian, leave the Pope alone, you have an obligation that you can be a good example to other parts of the world. You are setting a bad example right now, ”he wrote.

He added: “You are the boss; You should follow your own rules. When the priests are above the law, we call it theology, the sin that you have loudly condemned. “

He added: “Do you want to be like Trump?”

Ridge urged supporters of the pope to “give you a bad time until you come after wearing a regular mask”, leaving messages on Twitter and urging the Vatican to write a letter.

Austin Ivareh, a biographer of the pope, said Francis was wearing a mask “developed”.

“He is clearly trying to balance. He wants to be open and accessible and he maintains social distance. Everyone is trying to find their own balance, but I know some are doing less than that. ”

Francis visited the Vatican in Ivory Coast in September, an occasion when no one wore a mask, “but they took my temperature, they were very careful”.

He said the pope “kept life in a remarkably good condition.”

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