Polyvalentes Belanger and Saint-François rallied for a smoke-free generation

Polyvalentes Belanger (Saint-Martin) and Saint-François (Beauceville) are announcing the implementation of a strategy for smoke-free generation that is effective today.

This strategy is implemented as part of the project Smoke Free Production Scheme (PGSF) Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health (CQTS) and includes the implementation of actions primarily aimed at ensuring compliance. tobacco law, to prevent the introduction of smoking and vaping, as well as to support students and staff members wishing to break out of their nicotine addiction.

« CQTS is deeply concerned about the rise in popularity of smoking and vaping among young people. By participating in the Smoke-Free Generation Plan, schools are taking concrete steps that will prevent the onset of vaping and smoking, in addition to encouraging youth already struggling to quit smoking. Anne Papazorgio, executive director of the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health.

A complete smoking profile of the two high schools has been prepared to contribute to the fight against smoking and vaping and to establish clear objectives to provide a smoke-free environment for the communities of the two establishments.

Although Polyvalent Belanger offers a smoke-free living environment, it seeks to contribute more to the fight against smoking, which remains a public health priority in Quebec. The school wants to ensure the application of the Law on the Fight Against Smoking and prevent youth from making smoking and vaping unusual by informing them.

« Polyvalente Bélanger is proud to participate in this project. We care about the well being and health of our students and school staff. Thus, we will establish the necessary tools to support the school in smoking prevention. », declared Alexandre Boilly, deputy director of Polyvalent Belanger.

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Polyvalent Saint-François, for its part, seeks to promote the adoption of healthy lifestyles and provide its students with a healthy and safe environment. The school seeks to address aspects of prevention, smoking cessation and enforcement of the Tobacco Act. In the short term, awareness of the risks associated with smoking will be a priority, while in the medium term, the school seeks to support students who consume tobacco and vaping products to eventually become a smoke-free school.

« We consider it important to create an action plan to educate our youth about the dangers of tobacco and vaping products, as well as to support those who want to quit. We take the data revealed by our smoking profiles very seriously. We want to play our part in the Smoke-Free Generation Plan », noted PS-F director Anne Begin.

Effects of Vapor on Academic Success
In the context of return to school, the Quebec Council on Tobacco and Health (CQTS) reiterated the dangers associated with vaping among young people through an awareness campaign launched today.

Concerned that the population tends to underestimate the effects of these products, the fifty schools participating in the CQTS and Smoke-Free Generation Plan remind us that the impact of addiction to vaping products on young people, especially on their academic success has a real impact.

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