Polygon has launched Polygon Studio, and will provide $100 million to promote the blockchain gaming ecosystem. – Breaking News

Polygon, the Ethereum expansion project formerly known as Matic, has announced the launch of Polygon Studio. The new department aims to “act as a bridge between the Web2.0 and Web3.0 worlds”. To this end, Polygon has set up a $100 million fund for projects that combine popular blockchain technology with games.

Polygon has pledged to invest $100 million in the NFT gaming project.

Polygon Team (formerly Matic) recently announced build polygon studio, a new branch of development entirely dedicated to the phenomenon of non-fungible token (nft) and to blockchain video game.

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The project is giving itself the means as it will allocate US$100 million For the development of these 2 specific areas. The goal is to help developers bring their games from on web 2.0 TechnologyDecentralized Application of Web 3.0.

Shreyansh Singh, Marketing Manager at Polygon said:

“We don’t want to be a venture capital type investment firm. It’s not our domain (…) but we’re going to incubate some products and teams that want to build projects. We’re going to give them an outside license and be able to support them. We are here to support the entire ecosystem. We want to add value and bring in the next 100 million users.”

NFT for general public

Indeed, the current madness of NFTs can be explained by Explosion in applications Such as art, sports collections and music.

In between, nba top shot (digital version of collectible basketball cards) is an example. It was created by Dapper Labs $700 million in sales in 7 months Only after the IPO.

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Artist Beeple’s NFT digital collage was sold at Christie’s for $69.3 million.

Recently, NFT has also been entrusted with the fashion sector, with Dolce & Gabbana launching their first NFT series inspired by haute couture at “DGGenesi” in Venice.

according to the data of irreplaceable.com, the current sales of NFTs is $62 million per week, although the initial hype around NFTs fades once the peak is reached $175 million a week in May.

Polygon joins the NFT race.

After the Ethereum rush and high transaction fees, polygon and its second layer solution is be a very serious choice.

Since transactions are fast and most important cheap transactionMany decentralized video game projects rely on it, such as Decentraland where sandbox.

From now on, polygon will facilitate access to and use of its software development kit (sdkWell-known and respected video game developers likeUbisofthandjob electronic Art Or Attic.

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Although the polygon was recently received Criticism of its decentralizationThe issues raised were resolved promptly. Today, with the help of Polygon Studios, the project is rapidly entering a development phase, and it shows how much it intends to be a major player in DeFi and NFTs and Game 3.0.

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