Pollution explodes in Nice but the wave doesn’t reach the hospital

The incidence rate, the barometer that has become essential to the pandemic, is panic in the Alps Maritimes. The rate was 16 cases per 100,000 residents at the end of June and has been reaching a high speed of 600 in recent days. Even during the last wave, the department had not reached 500.

Despite this, the number of people admitted to the hospital is not increasing. _ “_We went from six people hospitalized for COVID in the Alps Maritimes to 80 today, (intensive care and conventional hospitalization) in early July, this is a moderate increase: we are far from 500 hospitals at the height of the health crisis Infectious disease specialist Eric Kua explains. “14 of the 16 beds are in this unit, which receives the most critical patients.

In the department: 22 COVID patients are in intensive care. According to the ARS, this figure doubled in a week.

illiterate in intensive care

In the Department of Infectious Diseases of the Arcate 1 Hospital of CHU de Nice where he works: “About half of COVID patients currently in intensive care are over the age of 50. The other half are obese over the age of 30. Patients who have not been vaccinated.”

Vaccination “Miracle”

“I am particularly shocked by the explosion of contamination in Nice, and amazed that it does not reach the hospital. I hope this is a positive effect of vaccination.. It is a miracle! We must continue to vaccinate … And I guess: This new version is certainly very contagious but it is probably less virulent.” Doctor Kua wants to be reassured but he remains cautious. Four new resuscitation beds are expected to be added to its service in the coming days.

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