Politics | Submarines: Jacob asks Ferrand to call a parliamentary inquiry commission

by La Provence (with AFP)

National Assembly President LREM Richard Ferrand should on his own initiative set up a parliamentary commission to investigate the failure of the giant submarine contract, LR President Christian Jakob claimed on Sunday. “Full Transparency” in that case.

“very friendly” For such a commission, which does not materialize for some time, he speculated on BFMTV that Mr. Ferrando “Given the importance of the subject, the initiative should be taken and on behalf of all parliamentary groups, rather than a committee being requested by this or that group.“.

There will be no commission of inquiry in the National Assembly, groups no longer have the right to draw, while in the Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, notably the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jean-Yves Le Drian, should a hearing be done.

Refuse “Circus of Protests” During the investigative committees, LREM representative Christophe Castaner argued on Wednesday that ministers are at the disposal of parliamentary committees. “transparency”.

For Mr. Jacob, it’s hard “Understand How We Got There” in this case, in which “Everybody Plays Surprise” in France : “I find it hard to imagine that on 15 September when the decision of the alliance between Australia, the United States and the United Kingdom comes, (except in fact the French and the French seal contracts with the Australians for the supply of submarines), editor of note), all this happens within 24 hours and there were no warning signs”.

Christian Jacob would also like Emmanuel Macron to speak publicly on the subject, as he said, “It would have been nice to have more French voices to be heard in this region of the Pacific as well”, especially in the case of New Caledonia which holds its third and final referendum in December. He criticized the president and two successive governments of douard Philippe and Jean Casteux “absolutely silent” on this referendum.

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He accused two prime ministers “Playing the chiefs and high commissioners by saying ‘we will make sure the elections are in full transparency'”. “But we are talking about the location of France and even Europe in the Pacific!”, alerted the Republican boss.

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