Politics “Agri” depot (majority) asks Macron to open vaccination to students

La Provence (with AFP)

21 members of the Agri group, members of the presidential majority, asked Emanuel Macron to open the vaccination to students in April, “A strong gesture towards the youth“, In a letter made public this Friday.

Because the youth carry the future of our country within them, we should provide them hope.“, Writes Olivier Becht, the boss of Agri Deputies, in this letter to the head of state.

Olivier Beht and his colleagues want to take advantage of the delivery of the single dose Janssen vaccine from Johnson & Johnson, a US laboratory scheduled for April 19, to begin vaccinating young people.

This option will ensure the start of the 2021 academic year. “face to face“, Uncover the Experience of Egir. This will also allow young people”Europe is considering a health certificate to be able to travel from one country to another from June next year, completing its internships and international exchanges“Promotes group, partners”The walker“And modems.

It will also allow young people to return to see their parents or grandparents, who were also vaccinated and thus reintroduced. “Interactive bond“, Confirms Oliver Beht.

The vaccine will be delivered to Europe from April 19 from the Johnson & Johnson Laboratory. The Ministry of Health said that by the end of April, France will be given about eight million doses of this vaccine.

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine is the first of those WHO have given green light, requiring only one injection instead of two. It can be stored at refrigerator temperature like AstraZeneca and unlike Pfizer / BioNotech and Modern.

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