Political unrest in the United States to prevent mass evictions of tenants

Political unrest in the United States to prevent mass evictions of tenants

US politicians tried on Sunday to halt the mass expulsions of Americans in financial difficulty, after the end of a moratorium that protected them.

“We are at risk of being deported,” Aurora, Colorado residents Samantha Pate and Andrew Martinez told KDVR television.

The couple, along with two children, are planning to temporarily settle on their land.

The family hopes to “live in tents with a wood stove for the winter,” says Andrew Martinez.

It was at midnight on Saturday that an evacuation struggle, initially due to health reasons linked to the COVID-19 pandemic, ended, and which was renewed several times.

The White House surprised lawmakers on Thursday, asserting that health officials could no longer extend the moratorium for legal reasons, and asking them to enact legislation immediately.

What elected officials didn’t manage to do before the House of Representatives closed their business for the summer break.

More than 10 million people in the United States are behind on their rent payments, calculates the CBPP, an independent research institute.

And some 3.6 million tenants are estimated to be at risk of eviction within two months, according to a study conducted in early July by the Office of Statistics with 51 million tenants.

– “inhuman” –

The restart of the US economy, which does not benefit all households in the same way, is driving up rents. The average rent in the United States climbed 8.1% between June 2020 and June 2021, according to the latest score by specialty site Realtor.

The party’s far-left Democratic lawmakers on Sunday called for the recall of members of the Washington House of Representatives.

“We want the House of Representatives to meet, the Senate can also intervene, the president can issue a decree, we must do everything possible,” House of Representatives member Jamal Bowman told AFP on Sunday morning. On the steps of the Capitol to support a small group of youth activists who spent the night there.

“It is inhumane to deport people, or to make their deportation possible in times of pandemic.”

Elected is not tender to his fellow Democrats, a majority in the House of Representatives: “We MPs, we have to defend Wall Street, we have to protect the big companies, Jeff Bezos and Richard Branson to go into space to decide allow.”

The House’s boss, Nancy Pelosi, pointed out that facing the difficulties of enacting an immediate legislation on the moratorium, some Democrats have decided to focus “instead of how to send money to tenants and owners”, which is largely a pandemic response. measures have been provided. During Biden’s tenure

It’s an envelope of $46 billion intended to at least partially solve the problem of unpaid rent, but its delivery is proving too laborious, especially for bureaucratic reasons.

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