Political class divided over wearing burkini

The authorization of the burkini and the establishment of time slots for women (every Saturday between 11 a.m. and noon) in the new ephemeral swimming pool in Anderlecht is causing tension. “Burkini admitted and reserved hours for women. The communist madness continues,” commented on Twitter Georges-Louis Bouchez, Belgian senator and president of the Reform Movement (MR). The latter rose up against the policy of “Flow”, the first open-air swimming pool in the Brussels area for forty years, reports le muslim post.

If someone gives a finger, they (Muslims) take a hand, guessing the former Federal Secretary of State for Public Service and Modernization of Public Services, Hendrik Frank Bogert, a member of the party Flemish Christian Democrat CD&V. The words to which the reaction came from his party office.

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“We are not in favor of a separate swimming time based on belief, but neither is the purpose of this separate hour. It is truly regrettable that such a great initiative from the collaborative world – finally an outdoor swimming pool for Brussels youth – is a has turned into polarized debate”, the party members wanted to develop.

MR intends to turn to “Brussels Parliament and the Federal Government”. “Our values ​​are being undermined by the ignorant collusion of some people,” says Bouchez. The party calls on the Secretary of State for Gender Equality, Equal Opportunity and Diversity, Sarah Schlitz, to intervene.

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