Polio reappears in Britain for the first time in 38 years

“Polio is back in the UK”, stop everyday I, Thursday, 23 June. A day earlier, British health officials sounded the alarm: the virus, officially eradicated in the country since 2003, had been identified in sewers in north and east London. “Samples taken between February and May suggest that the virus is transmitted in a focus or potentially an extended familyThe London newspaper explains. No cases of polio have been identified, but these tests confirm the first outbreak among humans in the UK since 1984.

Most infected people have no symptoms, often associated with the flu or causing paralysis in 1% of cases.

“Public officials believe the risk to the general population is very low, but a race against time is still underway to identify the origin of this transmission, potentially with an attenuated virus overseas.” a person vaccinated in which will then be found in sewage.”

In the United Kingdom, the daily continues I, a vaccination campaign is carried out using an inactivated virus, a technique that is more effective against disease, but less effective against transmission. The problem, in recent years, has been a drop in vaccination rates among children, the most vulnerable segment of the population. “The first dose was given to 92% of infants aged 1 year in 2020 and 2021, a decreasing rate. But it is above all that it is a problem, with a 71% drop in the rate among 14-year-olds last year as children were usually being vaccinated at school,” Understand I,

“It is the combination of poliovirus derived from a vaccine source, particularly in London with low vaccine coverage and the use of inactivated virus less effective against transmission, is cause for concern.”

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