Police slugs video shows against women across Miami International Airport

During a discussion on Wednesday night, a Mami police was caught punching a woman in her face.

According to a video of the incident, the officer stood next to the woman at Miami International Airport. Posted on Twitter.

It is unclear what caused the dispute, but the video begins as the woman approaches the officer and yells at him.

“You were black. You act like you’re white, but you’re really black. ”

“What are you going to do?” woman adds.

The officer then withdraws his fist and punches him like the breath of the audience.

A second police officer standing nearby then joins to help the first officer as she gets caught and pulls her down as she gets arrested.

Police department manager Alfredo Ramirez announced that the department launched an investigation into the officers’ behavior approximately 30 minutes after the video was released.

“I was shocked and angry at a body camera video that I saw one of our officers involved. I immediately launched an investigation and ordered the dismissal of relevant officers, ”he said. tweeted Statement.

“Actions like these undermine the hard work we do with our community and cause my heart to break for the vast majority of our officers who are dedicated to serving our community and our lives,” Ramirez continued.

The director also said that he asked State Attorney Kathy Rundle to assist in the investigation of the unidentified officials.

“This will not be standing, and I guarantee our community that any officer who affects this gap will be taken into account,” Ramirez said.

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