Police reform bill: Democrats make a comprehensive offer

The Congress is governed by the Black Assembly, the Democrats of the Assembly Judiciary Committee and the Democratic Sens, and the country, led by Kamala Harris from California and Cory Booker from New Jersey, comes from the country’s recent deaths of various black Americans. Hands of the police, including George Floyd, who died in Minneapolis last month after a white police officer kneeled for more than eight minutes.

“The world is witnessing the birth of a new movement in our country,” Democrats officially introduced the law at a press conference Monday, Congressional Speaker of the Black House, Karen Bass. Said.

Parliament Speaker Nancy Pelosi said the Congress “would not settle for less than transformative structural change”. However, the proposal, which does not have any Republican co-sponsors yet, will need bipartisan support to make it through the Senate.

Legislation is the most comprehensive effort to collapse at a federal level regarding policing practices across the US in recent years, but it is expected to face strong resistance from Republicans, police unions and local officials who do not want Washington to interfere with their policies. construction.

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“This was a strong move and made such legislation impossible a month ago,” CNN said in an interview Sunday.

According to a summary document acquired by CNN, the law includes banning chokeholds, as well as creating a National Police Abuse Record to “prevent problem officers from changing jurisdiction to prevent accountability”.

The bill also encourages states and locals to enforce racial bias training and teach officers “their duty to intervene”. The bill introduces some restrictions on transferring military-grade equipment to state and local law enforcement agencies, and the police in federal uniforms are required to wear body cameras.

It also includes anti-lynch laws that are refuted in the Senate. The anti-lynching bill launched an emotional debate last week on the Senate floor, where Kentucky Republican Senator Rand Paul tried to change the law that he claimed was too broad. You s. Harris and Booker opposed as Floyd’s memorial service continued thousands of miles away.

“It was unfortunate that he did that day. It was unnecessary and frankly very painful for many people, ”said Booker.

The legislative initiative is only the beginning of the congress action. On Wednesday, the House Judicial Committee will hold a hearing on policing and surveillance. According to the deputy committee, Floyd’s brother Philonise Floyd is expected to testify.

The legislative effort sprouted across the country, both in large cities and in rural communities, as protests against police violence and to support racial justice. Over the weekend, thousands of hikers in Washington, DC gathered at the National Mall. Meetings, guards and protests reported from Montana’s countryside to the streets of Portland, Maine.

“Many Americans go to the streets across the country. Black, white, Latin, Asian, young, old, gay, flat, citizens, dreamers – people in the magnificent mosaic range of the American people are enough, and Congress needs to hear these screams and take action against them and This is what House Democrats are planning to do, “New York Democratic Representative Hakeem Jeffries tells Dana Bash on CNN’s” Internal Policy “Sunday.
Democrats are explaining policing legislation at a time when some activists on the left are making more efforts to eliminate the police. Some liberal lawmakers supported the movement, while others proposed more nuanced approaches to finance.

Pelosi did not respond directly when asked if he supported local movements to defeat the police on Monday.

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“The fact is that we have a lot of legislation out of the crane that addresses some of our community’s concerns,” said Pelosi. Said. He said that people should “make these discussions at the local level.”

“This is a local decision,” he said, but not saying that “we will raise more money to further militarize the police.”

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Republicans said they have not yet adopted the Democratic policing law on Monday. While the president of the Senate Judicial Committee announced that Republican Senator Lindsey Graham will hold a hearing on police brutality last week on 16 June, many Senate Republicans in the Senate argued that Congresses should not set nationalized police policies. instead, states and local people must take their own action.

“This is a kind of classic Washington. You have an isolated and tragic event, and people guess it, and they suggest that this problem is an epidemic. I think it’s as terrible as Mr. Floyd and he and his family deserve justice. With such a wide brush painting you can’t do it and you can’t condemn law enforcement and you can’t say it’s a systemic failure, “says a Texas Republican Sen. John Cornyn. “The idea that a sudden Congress should suspend the public health crisis, by the way, won’t deal with it, by the way … it’s just hysteria to deal with it.”

Republican Sen Roy Roy Blunt from Missouri said he did not think it was possible to find a nationalized, legal response to policing.

“I don’t think you can find a national, feasible answer to behavior or implementation, or I think you can create a national handbook that really makes sense for departments,” he told CNN last week.

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Jeffries denied the Republicans’ view that Congress should sit on the sidelines.

“Some of my colleagues on the other side of Capitol, on the other side of the corridor, want to continue to bury their heads in the sand,” said Jeffries. Said.

“In terms of the police officers I dealt with here in New York, the overwhelming majority are hardworking and good people to protect and serve in the community, but we can’t deny that we have too many brutal officers. . “

President of the Supreme Court, Jerry Nadler, said he wants to get a committee vote as soon as next week.

Senate Democrat leader Chuck Schumer said on Monday that Senate Democrats “will fight like hell to make this a reality” and will pull police reform legislation directly at Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.

“Collectively, all Americans must raise our voices and call on Lead McConnell to put this reform bill on the floor of the Senate and discuss and vote before July,” adds Leader McConnell on TV and Twitter, but America On the floor of the United States Senate. “

CNN’s Clare Foran and Haley Byrd contributed to this report.

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