‘Police killed in car accident’ during arrest for attempted murder

Detectives are calling witnesses after four officers were injured in a clash in Southwark.

A police officer is seriously injured after a clash in south London (Photo: Sam Francis / BBC)

One police officer was potentially life-changing injured and three others were taken to hospital after being involved in another car accident.

A 20-year-old man, who was driving another car, has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder.

The squad’s car collided with another vehicle in Southwark, south-east London, just before 1.30pm on Tuesday.

It is understood an officer had to be cut from the rubble and taken to hospital with three other colleagues.

One officer is still in the hospital with potentially life-threatening injuries, while another is in critical condition. Two other officers were released with minor injuries.

The driver of the other vehicle was also taken to hospital but was not seriously injured and has been arrested in connection with the incident.

Another man in the car is believed to have fled the scene. Police are still searching for him.

Anyone who has witnessed the incident has been requested to contact Met Police at 101.

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