Police investigation launched after a scandal involving Prince Charles’ foundation

Police are investigating whether a wealthy Saudi businessman received an honorary title in exchange for a donation to the Prince of Wales Foundation.

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money for favors? British police on Wednesday 16 February announced the opening of an investigation to establish whether donations to the Prince Charles Foundation were rewarded with honorary titles and used to support a request for naturalization by a Saudi businessman went. The case, which came to light last year, had dethroned the heir.

His former ministerial servant, Michael Fawcett, who is believed to be very close to Charles, is suspected to have used his influence to help Saudi businessman Mahfouz Marei Mubarak bin Mahfouz, a charity charity linked to the British monarchy. were donors, so that they could receive decorations.

according to this Sunday Times, Mahfouz Mare Mubarak Bin Mahfouz, 51, was made Commander of the British Empire by Prince Charles in a private ceremony at Buckingham Palace in November 2016, which was not published in the official list of royal engagements. According to the newspaper, benefiting from such a distinction made it possible to support Saudi’s request for British nationality.

The Saudi businessman, who denies any wrongdoing, reportedly donated large sums of money to restoration projects. “The Prince of Wales had no knowledge of an alleged offer of honor or British citizenship on the basis of a donation to his charity”reiterated its services. Foundation spokesperson said“It would be inappropriate to comment on the ongoing investigation.”

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