Police at Rayshard Brooks collected evidence collected instead of aid: lawyer

Atlanta policemen, who took part in Rayshard Brooks’s deadly police shoot, gathered their shell covers instead of giving first aid and waited more than two minutes before checking the pulse of Brooks’ family claims lawyer.

“The officers are gone and put on plastic gloves, and after they killed – they took their shell covers before they helped,” the witnesses said. Attorney L. Chris Stewart at a press conference on Saturday, a drunk arrest of Brooks.

“They care more than protecting their tracks,” said officer Garrett Rolfe and Devin Brosnan.

“Aid that can save his life when he is claimed to be hospitalized and died in surgery. But they didn’t give it to him. “

Instead, officers were seen in videos standing around because his four-father Brooks was “dying there,” Stewart claimed on Friday night that he was firing out of Wendy, who was later burned by protesters.

“Someone kicked him and turned it upside down,” Stewart claimed from the officers.

“We counted 2 minutes and 16 seconds before checking his pulse,” he insisted on countless videos of the fatal encounter. “And people wonder why everyone is angry.”

A screen capture from the body camera shows Rayshard Brooks talking to Officer Garrett Rolfe at a Wendy's parking lot
A screen capture from a body camera shows Rayshard Brooks talking to Officer Garrett Rolfe in Wendy’s car parkAP

Rolfe, allegedly carrying out deadly shots, was given a Brosnan administrative permit late Saturday. Atlanta Police Chief Erika Shields also resigned due to the fatal incident.

Stewart requested that a lawsuit be filed against officers.

“Aren’t you tired of cases like this?” He asked. “People are tired of watching black men get killed,” he said, saying “something that no one would agree”, “shouldn’t have happened.”

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