Pokémon Scarlett and Violet: new information to be discovered this week – Nintendo Switch

pokemon scarlet , purple undoubtedly will One of the year-end events on Nintendo Switch, after exit In January Of Pokemon Legends: Arceus which brought many changes, pokemon scarlet , purple Should go further. The game is actually presented as a new development In particular, with a real open world and new game mechanics. At the moment, however, very little information… but this may change This week, Actually, the Japanese issue tvtokyo, pokedoko 4 promise to bring allLatest Info on Pokemon Game“…Generally, Japanese TV shows do not reveal new information and satisfy themselves with repeating previously published ones. But by announcing in advance that a sequel pokedoko Pokemon will be devoted to the latest information on the game, it shows that new information will be shared soon (necessarily before the broadcast.) This has happened in the past.. As a result, if you are a fan, stay connected ( It’s a teaser.)

As a reminder, pokemon scarlet And pokemon purple are waiting end of 2022, Pending more details, get all the information i’s starterin you Our special news And, as always, feel free to speak in the comments.

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