pokemon go new year 2022

As announced in the news Month of January 2022, will be the first event of the year that new year 2022 ,

details of the incident

incident new year 2022 Will be from Friday, December 31, 2021 at 10 pm. To Tuesday 4 January 2022 at 8 pm., local time.

costume pokemon

Since New Year One festive event, many costume pokemon will be there! Roigada and his glasses 2022 brand new, like Hoothoot and his New Year’s hat which can be accomplished as colorful ,

enhanced appearances

Like every event, certain Pokémon will appear more often. nature, In eggs, In raid and many more !

in nature

In the wild, you may encounter the following Pokémon, including rapsdepic with luck !

7 km in the egg

This time in the 7km egg, there will be all the Pokémon below that can hatch from these eggs!

eggs and hatching

in raid

In raid, you’ll be able to find Pokémon related to the event.

Raid Battle

one star raid
three star raid
five star raid
pokemon cureavailable in shiny
mega raid
pokemon mega-blizzaroiavailable in shiny

farming studies

Some farming studies Will allow you to get encounters with certain Pokémon such as bubbles, salamech And carapuse Dress!

The list of field studies will be posted there at the beginning of the program.

farming studies

one time study

To celebrate the new year, a one time study Will be there and allow you to encounter with Pokémon that appear during the event.

One-time study details will be posted here at the start of the event.

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avatar objects

again avatar object will be available for purchase in game shop ,

  • 2022 specs
  • new year headband
  • new year’s jacket set
  • new year trousers
  • new year shoes
pokemon go new year 2022 clothing


And finally, during the event, you will be able to take advantage of bonus Next:

  • Hatching Stardust × 2
  • hatching candy × 2
  • hatching distance / 2
  • Fireworks From Friday, December 31, 2021 at 11 pm. To Sunday, January 2, 2022 midnight, local time

That’s all for now, Pokekalos. stay connected on for more information ! Do not hesitate to consult our file pokemon go, or our page which lists all current and upcoming events pokemon go ,

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