Pokémon Go: Enlightened Legends Y incident makes Yveltal in headlines

While the trainers are yet to recover from their encounter with the Fairy Pokémon Zeraina, a new incident from another Legendary Pokémon is already about to begin. After Illuminated Legends X, it is now his turn to replace Illuminated Legends Y, with the imminent arrival of Dark Pokémon Yvelt.

No relief for Pokémon Go players! Dedicated period for Xerneas Expires May 17 and follows immediately Two intensive weeks Under the sign of Enlightened legends y. Cut into Step two, This new event will begin From next Tuesday and ends on 31 May. The first part will be expanded Until 24 May And will be marked by Yvelt’s arrival in 5-Star Reds. on this occasion Dark type Pokémon Will appear more often in the wild. Zigzatan de Galar Will also be in the heart One time study, As well as field study And AR Mapping Work. Finally, if you Strange egg, Be aware that this may well involve a Pandepsiegal… would you have liked a wien egg? Hurry up and sign up for early access to the mobile AR game The Witcher: Monster Slayer.

Yavacult is coming to Pokémon Go

As you can imagine, the arrival of a Dark-Type Legendary Pokemon Won’t leave Team go rocket Indifferent. So you should see them often… Niantic Offers all trainers to join forces to defeat them on one occasion Mass event. Saturday 15 May to Sunday 23 May, Pokémon Go helps the community 25 million team go beat rocket minions To Win Special bonus, Useful during the second phase of Enlightened Legends. A win will not be allowed Add a Chromatic Galar Zigzaton indefinitely Within the game, beware, however, that some minions have decided, because the task will not be easy. Change strategy, To attack as a group and of Acquisition of new types of Pokémon.

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Nymphi takes advantage of it "Enlightened legends y" Landing in pokemon go
Nimfli took advantage of “Enlightened Legends Y” to land in Pokémon Go.

The second part of the event will be 25 to 31 May. For this occasion, A. New pokemon This time we will make our appearance: Nymph. In addition, Eevee angel type development The new Pokémon also appears in Snap, an incredible adventure that awaits you on the switch! Within Pokémon Go, you’ll come across More eevee in nature And you can get some 7 km in egg. 3-Star Raid Will respect their development Aquali, volley, piroli, mantle et noctally. Whether developed or not, Ewe will also be present in field study works, White AR mapping tasks will allow you to earn poffins. From New avatar item Nymphali will also be dedicated. Finally, if you want to find this awesome Pokemon New Pokémon Snap Without breaking the bank, don’t hesitate to purchase the game using a Nintendo eShop card available for sale on Eneba.

Sincerely: Niantic

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