P&O Ferry Still Suspended Between Calais and Dover for Easter Weekend

A spokesman for the company said there was “no indication” of a date for the resumption of traffic.

The company P&O Ferries, which had hoped to resume service between Calais and Dover for Easter after a nearly month-long interruption, would not finally be able to resume this connection before a weekend that would allow transport. I promise to be busy. A spokesman for the company said that traffic eventually remains suspended and there is “no indication” of a resumption date for boat traffic on the route.

A day earlier, a company vessel, ‘Spirit of Britain’, was detained by the Maritime and Coast Guard Agency (MCA) due to several safety issues identified during an inspection. Another ship in the P&O fleet typically used to build the Dover–Calais link is also immobilized by the authorities, while a third, which has yet to be inspected, may not be operational either. Used to be.

“It unconditionally apologizes to all customers whose trips have been canceled due to their inability to navigate,” the company said in a statement. Concerned passengers are likely to travel free on the P&O’s Hull-Rotterdam link, which has resumed service, or on its rival Brittany Ferry’s yachts between Portsmouth and Caen. Passengers can also request a full refund and free tickets for future travel, the company said in its statement.

800 licensed sailors

The P&O Ferry suspended its services on the link between the port of Dover and Calais (northern France) on 17 March after brutally sacking about 800 sailors, sparking a wave of anger in the United Kingdom. Employees have been replaced by outsourced workers, mostly foreign and paid significantly less than the minimum wage.

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In addition to the crossing to the Netherlands, part of the P&O link between Scotland and Northern Ireland has resumed after being suspended for some time. The suspension of channel crossings by the P&O ferries has in recent times contributed to the formation of long queues of trucks approaching Dover, the main cross-Channel port on the English side, where traffic was already at a peak after Brexit. complicated by new processes.

The British Ministry of Transport expects a busy weekend on the roads, in trains but also at airports, which have been facing long queues for weeks, even as flights have been canceled due to severe staff shortages .

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